What is a Pipeline?

For every recruitment/vacancy you create as a manning agent, you need to specify a Pipeline.

  • Think of your Pipeline as building blocks which tell you what to do next in the recruitment process.
  • You can add as many or as few steps to your Pipeline as you need.

To create a Pipeline log into your  Martide account. Click on Settings in the drop down menu under your profile picture and then on Pipelines:


You will be taken to the Pipelines page. In our example below you can see that we already have 4 Pipelines:


Here you can:

  • Look for an existing Pipeline in the Search box.
  • Add a new Pipeline.
  • Edit or Delete existing Pipelines.
  • Sort Pipelines from A-Z or Z-A by clicking the 3 lines next to the word Name.

How to create a new Pipeline

Click the +Add pipeline button on the top of the page (see image above.) You’ll be taken to this page. Name your Pipeline - e.g. Electrician. Click Save when you’re done.


You'll then be taken to this page where you can set the steps you want to include in your Pipeline for your Electrician vacancy:


There are 3 default Stages named Awaiting, Negotiation, and Recruited. You can edit some Stages by clicking the pen icon and delete some Stages by clicking the trash can icon. You cannot edit or delete certain Stages, such as Awaiting.

On this page (see above) you can:

  • See each Stage, which step in the Pipeline it is and if it is required before another Stage in the Pipeline.
  • See who the Stage has been assigned to - in this case it's the Vessel Crew Operator.
  • Edit the Stage by clicking the pen icon. You can then change the display name, the order it appears in the Pipeline, and who it is assigned to.
  • Add new Stages to the Pipeline and set rules for them by clicking the +Add stage button.

How to add a new Stage to a Pipeline

To add a new Stage to a Pipeline click the +Add stage button. You will see a pop-up box that looks like this:


Here you can:

  • Select a Stage from the Stage drop down box.
  • Enter an alternative name for the Stage in the Display Name box (optional).
  • Select the Step this Stage should appear in your recruitment process.
  • Select Required Before if you want this Stage to be completed before another Stage (more about this below.)
  • Select who you want to assign the Stage to from the drop down box. Options include Manning Recruiter and Crew Manager. The names of your Users will also appear in the drop down box.

Click Save when you're done.

Take a look at the example below:

  • We've included an English Test as part of the Electrician pipeline.
  • We’ve set this Stage as the 2nd Step in the recruitment process and stated that the English Test must be uploaded before Step 3.
  • We've assigned this Stage to the Manning Recruiter.

Back on the main Pipeline page you will now see this:


How to edit or delete a Stage in the Pipeline

If a Stage can be edited you will see a pen icon next to it on the main Pipeline page. Click on it and you will be taken back to the pop-up box where you can make any changes needed.

If a Stage can be deleted you will see a trash can icon next to it on the main Pipeline page. Click on it and the Stage will be removed.

How to set Steps

You must select a Step although Required Before is optional.

  • If you set Document Validation at Step 3 and set Required Before to Step 6 the documents can be validated while Steps 4 and 5 are in progress but they must be completed before Step 6 can be started.

To change the order of the Stages, click the 3 horizontal lines on the left to drag and drop that Stage:


How to edit or delete a Pipeline

On the main Pipelines page, next to the relevant Pipeline click the pen icon to edit it or the trash can icon to delete it:


Some notes about Pipelines

You are able to add the following Stages to your Pipeline: Negotiation, Document Validation, Medical Check, English Test, Sea Service Check, Forms, Visa and Personal Information.

The only Stage that is slightly different is Forms, as you will need to have first created a Form and then you’ll need to select it:


Also, the person who you assign a Pipeline Stage to may be a User, meaning they will need to take an action, or they may be a Watcher. This means they will just be kept up-to-date but don't have to do anything. When a Stage is assigned to them, they will get a Notification and if they need to take action, it will be added to their My Tasks page.

We hope you found this guide to Pipelines useful but if you have any questions or need any other help, please get in touch here.