The Questionnaires feature has been created for employers who want insight, feedback and answers from their seafarers and candidates.

Log into your Martide account and click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. In the drop down box, click on Settings. Like so:

screenshot of Martide website showing where to access Questionnaires and Answered Questionnaires

You’ll see that we’ve also highlighted two boxes on the main screen: Questionnaires and Answered Questionnaires.

We’ll cover Answered Questionnaires later. For now, click on the Questionnaires icon and you’ll see this screen:

screenshot of Martide website showing where to add a questionnaire

Here you can:

  • Add a new questionnaire
  • Edit existing questionnaires
  • Delete existing questionnaires

How to Create a New Questionnaire

Click the blue Add button. A screen will open up that looks like the screenshot below:

screenshot of Martide website showing the different styles of questionnaires you can choose

Here you can:

  • Give your questionnaire a title/description (In our example we’re creating an exit questionnaire for crew who have recently disembarked from our (fictional) vessel The Black Pearl.)
  • Choose the format you want your first question to be in: Paragraph, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Linear Scale, Multiple Choice Grid, or Checkbox Grid.
  • You can choose different formats for each question in a questionnaire if you like

We’ve chosen Checkboxes. Take a look at the screenshot below and you’ll see:

screenshot of Martide website showing how to enter a question

Here you can:

  • Select your format (Checkboxes, in our example)
  • Add the title/question
  • Add options for replies
  • Delete a question or option by clicking the trash can icon

To add more response options, click the plus sign next to Add Option. To create another question, click Add Question.

For our second question, we’ve chosen a multiple choice style answer next:

screenshot of Martide website showing how to add options for an answer

Next we’re going to ask a question that requires a little more input from the seafarer:

screenshot of Martide website showing how to add a paragraph style question

Keep adding questions until you’ve covered everything you want to ask then click the blue Save button. Your questionnaire is now visible on the main Questionnaires page:

screenshot of Martide website showing a saved questionnaire on the main page

How to Send a Questionnaire to a Seafarer

Once you’ve created your questionnaire, you need to add it to the relevant Recruitment Pipeline.

This is the same as the other stages you add to pipelines: English Test, Document Validation, Medical Check, Visa, Skype Interview, Negotiation.

To add your questionnaire, go to Settings > Pipelines:

screenshot of Martide website showing the pipelines page

Select the pipeline you want to add the questionnaire to by clicking Edit. When the pipeline page opens, click the blue New Stage box in the right hand corner. You will then see this pop up box:

screenshot of Martide website showing how to add a questionnaire into a recruitment pipeline

Choose Questionnaire and complete the information as required in the following screen:

screenshot of Martide website showing how to add a questionnaire into the pipeline stages

When you’ve finished, click the blue Save button at the bottom of that page.

And that’s it - you’ve added a new questionnaire for all seafarers in that particular recruitment pipeline to answer, as part of the process.

Where to View Answered Questionnaires

You can view all your completed surveys in the Answered Questionnaires section under Settings:

screenshot of Martide website showing where you can view answered questionnaires

We hope you've found this guide to the Questionnaires feature helpful but if you need any other help please contact your Key Account Manager or contact us here.