One of the first things you'll want to do when you've registered a Martide account is to create your company profile. Here's how to do that.

What your My Company page looks like

Log in to your Martide account and click on My Company in the menu on the left hand side of the page. You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

screenshot of Martide website showing the company info page

At the top you'll see 4 headings: About, Vessels, Trainings and Jobs. If you click on a heading it will take you down the page to that section.

The page will be blank at first and you will need to edit it and fill in your information. We will cover that below.

In the About section you will see:

  • Your company logo, company name and your job title plus a link to your website.
  • Your website address, number of employees, number of crew at sea and number of vessels managed.

In the Vessels section you will see:

  • The names of all the vessels you manage.
  • The position of that vessel - click the name to see them on the map on the right.

In the Training section you will see:

  • All of the different training your company offers.

In the Jobs section you will see:

  • All of the current job vacancies your company has.

How to add your company's details

Now you will want to edit the page to add your info. Click the Edit page button at the top of the page:

screenshot showing the edit page button

The page will now look like this:

screenshot showing the page ready to be edited

You'll see 6 headings at the top: Roles, Details, Logo, About Us, Offices and Vessel Types. If you click on a heading it will take you down the page to that section. However, there are other sections on the page, so don't forget to fill those in too.

Click on the pen icons to edit a section and select or fill in your information. We will go through each section in turn.

In the Roles section you can:

  • Check the box next to the type of company you are. For example, you might be an employer but also offer maritime training:
screenshot showing the company types

In the Details section you can:

  • Add your company details including the company name, country, year founded, number of employees ashore, number of crew at sea, total annual revenue, main markets and certifications:
screenshot showing the company details section

In the Contact details section you can:

  • Enter your website, email, contact number and mobile number.
  • Add links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and your blog.

In the About Us section you can:

  • Type in or copy and paste your company's About us wording that you use on your website.
screenshot showing the about us text box

In the Logo section you can:

  • Upload your company logo by clicking the pen icon and then the upload button.
screenshot showing where to upload the logo

In the Offices section you can:

  • Enter your office or offices and their addresses. You can also select the type of address: Primary, Billing, Tax etc.
screenshot showing the office address box

In the Vessels types section you can:

  • Add the types of vessels you own, manage or operate.

In the Our clients section you can:

  • Enter the company name of your clients and upload their logo.

In the Our team section you can:

  • Add the name and position of the people you work with who you want to have access to Martide.

To learn more about how to add your employees so they become Users, see this page. To learn how to create User Groups, check here.

In the Testimonials section you can:

  • Enter the name and position of the person who has written you a testimonial.
  • Copy and paste the testimonial into the text box.
  • Upload their photo or their company logo.

How to preview your public page

While you're still in Edit Page mode, click on Preview at the top of the page:

screenshot of the page preview screen

You will then see a page that looks like this. This is what the information you added when you were editing your page looks like on Martide's website under your entry in our Company Directory.

Scroll down you will also see your Vessels managed section:

Here you can:

  • Click on a vessel's name to see its current positioning on the map.

Scroll down and you will see the Trainings and Our Jobs sections:

screenshot of the public about us and vessels crewed sections.

Below this you will see the Our Clients, Our Team and Testimonial sections:

screenshot of the clients and team sections.

To edit any of these sections, click on the Edit page button which you will also see at the top of this page:

screenshot showing the edit page button

We hope this page has helped you complete your company profile but if you need any help, please contact us here.