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Cema Marine Services believe there are no big clients or small clients, and that every client deserves equal attention and ready access to all their resources no matter how long or short the association. They recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and are committed to supplying high quality services that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Their clients depend on them to provide superior quality services and manpower for their vessels. Quality and know-how are the main assets of their business and they do not compromise on quality under any circumstances.

CMS’s crew depends on them for their livelihood and they offer them stability, prosperity, security and a chance to enhance their skills through continuous learning. They also offer a respectful and attentive approach in order to provide the best possible opportunities in work and career development, offering cadets good prospects for career advancement, so that these young recruits can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

All shipboard personnel recruited through the CMS office are required to comply, support and contribute to the effective implementation of their policies.

CMS cooperate with a Recognized Organization, carrying out statutory inspections and certifications on behalf of Flag Administrations, verifying compliance with International Conventions such as SOLAS, LOAD LINES, MARPOL, AFS, TONNAGE, etc, and International Codes like ISM, ISPS, IMSBC, IMDG, IBC(for Chemical Tankers), IGC (for Gas Carriers), NOx, LSA, FSS, and more.