China Maritime Service Center

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Founded in May 1994, China Maritime Service Center (CMSC) is a maritime service organization under the China Maritime Safety Administration of the Chinese Ministry of Transport. With maritime services as its core business and key responsibilities, CMSC has been unremittingly exploring healthy and sustainable development through standardized management and continuous innovation. Since its founding, CMSC has succeeded in undertaking the supportive and backup tasks assigned by the China MSA, which include without limitation the following:

National seamen, sea navigation pilot and ship surveyor tests. On behalf of the China MSA, CMSC undertakes the organizing of national seafarers, inland river seamen, pilot and ship surveyor examinations, building of test content pool and test training textbook compilation. In recent years, CMSC has made great progress in revolutionizing the seafarer test by developing seafarer computer terminal testing systems, long-distance testing systems and intelligent testing systems. The computerized tests have been enormously convenient for examinees.