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Danica Crewing Services is a leading provider of highly competent officers from Eastern Europe. With headquarters in Hamburg and with their owned and fully controlled network of manning agencies in Ukraine and Russia they are supplying crew – mainly senior officers - to first-class shipowners and managers around the Globe.

In 2008, the first office was established in Odessa. Today, they have offices in Odessa in Ukraine, in Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok and Nakhodka in Russia and in Klaipeda in Lithuania. Presently, more than 1400 seafarers are connected to first-rate shipowners and are deployed to all types of vessels through their offices.

With Danica, you have one contact point to a large pool of competent officers: Ukraine is the third largest provider of officers in the world with about 36,000 experienced officers working for foreign shipowners and managers, and Russia is the fourth largest provider with 27,000 officers.

In addition to the manning agency services they also offer a range of value-adding services as well as training. Their business concept is clear: to connect demanding shipowners and managers with highly competent seafarers through trustworthy crewing services exceeding the highest industry standards and acting as a fair link to the seafarers. They carefully screen each seafarer’s capabilities to ensure that they only supply the best candidates. Danica is certified and holds all necessary MLC certifications from BV.