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Döhle Manning Agency is one of the largest crewing agencies in Romania. In 1994 one of the most prominent German shipping companies, Peter Döhle, became interested in the potential of the Romanian crewing market. Therefore, as a natural outcome of continuously employing Romanian seafarers, Döhle Manning Agency SRL was registered as a self sustaining company in July of 2005.


Döhle’s clients also benefit from the advantages of the network they are part of, as their agency is able to supply seafarers of different nationalities recruited by the other agencies in the network including from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, India, and other areas. They are one of the few Romanian agencies with such a large partner network and experience in cooperating with foreign agencies.

Döhle’s ISO 9001/2015 quality certification for crewing and agency services represents further reassurance for their customers that they work according to high quality standards. They also hold BVQ Certification in accordance with MLC 2006.

Döhle Manning Agency is an active member of both Romanian and international professional organizations: ARCA (Association of Romanian Crewing Agencies), RNL (Romanian Naval League), and EUROCREW (European Crewing Agencies Association).