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Dohle Marine Services Europe Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest ship manning agencies in Poland and was formerly known as Dohle Manning Agency (Poland) Ltd. Their name was changed in 2013 to Dohle Marine Services Europe Sp. z o.o., providing corporate identity with Peter Doehle in Hamburg.

Dohle Marine Services Europe Sp. z o.o. , provide a full range of seafarer recruitment and commercial services. They are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of service and expertise for their clients and draw upon many years of experience - the company has been active for almost two decades  since being established in May 1991.

The company is famous for professional service, high retention rates and dedication to their customers. The staff are highly qualified specialists with a university level of education and many years of experience in maritime issues. The service is targeted towards customers who expect high quality at a competitive price, achieved by utilizing economies of scale to enable them to reduce costs and lower prices.

Ship owners and managers are offered professional crewing services for all types of vessels by utilizing the company’s extensive selection of seafarers from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia and other areas of Eastern and Central Europe. They are one of the few Polish companies with such extensive connections and experience in working with agencies from Eastern and Central Europe.