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Globtik Express Agency was established in March 1989 as the first privately owned crew management company in Croatia. The agency was founded by Capt. Lahor Magazinovic. Today after 27 years of hard and dedicated work more than 4400 Croatian officers are annually processed.

Starting with Wallem Ship Management the number of enlisting companies using their service includes respectable names and oil companies who set maritime industry standards. Globtik has been awarded the ISO 9008 Quality Assurance Certificate by BV and is the first private company with this profile in Croatia. Globtik is operating under a fully implemented and certified quality assurance system both for shore based activities and on board the vessels. The system meets international standards. Today Globtik is certified with ISO 9001 by BV.

Through a spirit of teamwork and commitment to total quality management, Globtik aims for uninterrupted ship operations and zero losses. In order to demonstrate both the quality of the organization and the forward thinking of their management and personnel. In 2011 they underwent voluntary certification MLC 2006 and became the first crew management company in the global industry certified in accordance with the MLC convention.