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Stargate Crewing represents Romanian seafarers as a distinct and talented group of professionals who bring exceptional value to any ship owner through their hard work and dedication. These seafarers are graduates of some of the best maritime academies in Europe with a legacy that goes back to the establishment of a fleet school in 1872. The maritime educational infrastructure in Romania provided manning for Romania’s large commercial fleet until the fall of communism in 1989.

Romania remains one of the most important crew sourcing markets in Eastern Europe, and it will continue to maintain a leading position in the region because of the fact that seafaring is still considered an attractive career option for many young Romanians. This is also the reason why maritime education continues to attract a large number of young men and women seeking a professional education after completing school. 

Over the years, Stargate Crewing has developed a successful recruitment pipeline by tapping into this resource and developing a meaningful relationship with the maritime education and training centres. Their Cadet Program is a wonderful example of how to develop a large pool of talented and qualified seafarers who become invaluable assets to any commercial fleet.