Crewing made simple

Martide's all-in-one platform simplifies maritime recruitment and crew management like never before.

As a crew manager you'll benefit from access to our audited, worldwide network of manning agents, while our custom built software solution ensures managing your crew, candidates, manning agents and data is plain sailing.

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Say goodbye to manual labor. Automate your operations with our streamlined and intuitive solution that's purpose built for small to mid-sized shipping companies.

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Source qualified seafarers

Post your jobs for free. Then use keywords and filters to quickly find the right applicants for your vacancies.

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Track your candidates

Never skip a vital step again. Follow your applicants every step of the recruitment process with our building block approach to hiring.

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Custom build your processes

Work the way you want. Customize your recruitment pipeline so it contains only the steps you need for any given vacancy.

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Collaborate with others

Need a hand? Outsource all or part of recruitment to one of our accredited manning agents and delegate tasks to team members.

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A user-friendly software solution that takes care of every step of the maritime recruitment process.

Advertise vacancies

Take control, outsource — or combine the two. Either way your branded job adverts with customizable requirements will be front and center of the people that matter: qualified seafarers.

Build your pipeline

Your recruitment pipeline, your way. Set the stages you want covered for any given vacancy and vessel, track actions taken, see statuses and reminders, and never miss a crucial step again.

Select candidates

Find the right candidate for you. Our quick and easy seafarer sourcing solution enables you to find the right candidate for the job via filters and keywords. Reach out and start the process.

Manage interviews

Let our solution do the talking. Set an interview at any stage of the recruitment pipeline and directly communicate with candidates using our user-friendly, built-in messaging system.

Seafarer database

A centralized source in which to store and manage your crew data. Reduce your time-to-hire and increase productivity by creating seafarer talent pools.

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Discover candidates

Let us do the hard work for you. Manning agents put forward the best, pre-screened candidates from their databases for your vacancies, plus we make it super easy for seafarers to apply too.

Search seafarers

Make it easier to find who you need, when you need them. Securely store your seafarer profiles in our database and easily find who you're looking for using filtered searches.

Assign ex-crew

Work with the seafarers you know. Martide makes it easy to assign ex-crew members already in the database to vacancies without going through the entire recruitment process again.

Segregate talent pools

For anyone juggling different clients and vessels. Martide's unique solution gives crew managers the power to create, sort, segregate and filter seafarer talent pools.

Manage data

Everything you need, all in one place. Seafarer profiles contain everything from personal details, sea service, next of kin, banking info and copies of certificates and documents.


Crystal clear communications are essential in maritime recruitment and crew management. We make it easy to stay connected.

Contact candidates

Your candidates, your communication. Martide's in-built messaging system enables you to reach out to candidates directly.

Streamline communication

Enjoy a 360 degree view of all messages thanks to the team inbox. Centralize your communication and make life easier by knowing what's been said, when, and by who.

Broadcast messages

Get your message across. Need to tell multiple seafarers something? Don't waste time sending individual messages: Use the Broadcasts feature to send mass messages with one click.

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Collaboration. Delegation. Call it what you will. But we all know that many hands make light work. So why should maritime recruitment be any different?

Collaborate with teams

One company, one system. If you're struggling to keep track of what everyone's doing, it's time to get your team on the same page. Send email invites and get everyone onboard and working.

Assign roles

Start rowing in the same direction. When people have accepted your invites, divide them into groups or assign them roles to ensure all aspects of your recruitment process are taken care of.

Set privileges

Stay secure, stay in control. It's up to you to choose who from your team has access to what aspects of your system. Decide upon access levels and assign them to the relevant people.


Thinking ahead is everything in maritime recruitment and crew management. Martide's highly visual, color coded and easy-to-use planning solution lets busy owners and managers see at a glance exactly what is happening with any given vessel or seafarer.

And when you have a full overview of everything that's going on or needs to be done, you'll be in a much better position to take informed action right away.

Plus real-time synchronization means that whenever a team member logs in they will see the same updated view as their coworkers. That means the potential for errors is drastically reduced as all employees will be working from the same page — quite literally.

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Ultimate integration

Think of Martide as the hub where you can take care of all of your maritime recruitment and crew management operations. Not only will your smaller daily tasks be supported, but you'll have a much better view of the bigger picture too.

Your operations automatically become more transparent, easier to manage, and more efficient. Seafarer data, certificates and HR documentation are all securely stored in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access and on any device.

The hiring of new and existing seafarers becomes quicker, allowing you to meet crew change dates with ease and you can centralize your communications with crew, candidates, manning agents, and other suppliers too.

Say goodbye to manual systems and to logging in and out of different platforms. Martide's maritime recruitment and crew management solution is front and center of your operation.

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Flexible and secure

Martide's custom built software solution is easily integrated with your existing systems. Our platform is compatible with crew management systems, HR, and recruitment software.

We take GDPR and your privacy very seriously. We operate on a multi-tenant principle in order to keep your data private and secure, with all of your data encrypted in our secure database.

We are ISO 9001 accredited and are MLC 2006 certificate holders.

Our platform is also hosted in Google's Cloud — which not only means that security of your data is assured, but also that we take care of everything for you.

The beauty of using a cloud-based solution is that you'll have access to all aspects of Martide's platform no matter where you are and what device you're using. You don't need to download and install anything - simply log in on the internet and start working.

Learn more about Martide's commitment to your security and privacy here:

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The Martide seafarer app

Want an easier way to stay in touch with your crew? Encourage your seafarers to download Martide's free mobile app. Not only will they have direct access to your job vacancies but you can also connect with them via the messaging feature.

The app was built by us for seafarers but is designed to make your life easier too!

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