New updates and improvements to Martide.

April 2nd 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • New document types have been added to the system. The full list of documents is displayed in a candidate's profile on the Document Edit page and in Settings -> Data Templates.
  • It is now possible to add several attachments per one document entry.
  • The system now only requires zip codes for countries that use them.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can browse closed jobs.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can edit the agreed salary at the Negotiation stage, but only if the recruitment is still in process.
  • Excel import now supports work history. Example of an import document available for Shipowners / crew managers and manning agents is on the Candidates page. To download it click Import Candidates -> Download Example File.
  • The system now imports the following data from NSE: personal profile, next of kin, qualifications, licenses, medical examinations and training experience.