New updates and improvements to Martide.

May 6th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • Shipowners / crew managers can export a candidate's CV with the Export PDF button on the Candidate Profile page.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can view manning agent fees at Settings -> Manning Agents.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can set all necessary info in the 'Engine files' for each vessel. The field is now supported as a usual text input.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can upload edit-protected and password-protected files.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can choose Furuno FEA or Furuno FMD as the ECDIS instead of Furuno.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can set any currency for a salary.
  • Candidates can now subscribe for new job notifications on the Find Job page. Notifications are based on search results as set by the candidate.
  • A Supporter now has access to all candidates who applied for the Supporter's vessel's positions.
  • Supporters name now displayed for all positions that are created for the Supporters' vessel.
  • The system now imports Qualifications Licenses, Medical Examinations, Qualifications Certificates, Training Experience and Next Of Kin data from NSE.