New updates and improvements to Martide.

November 15th 2018 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • A shipowner / crew manager can set minimum work experience for a position based on a candidate’s total offshore time on a vessel of the same type. Experienced candidates can be separated by the 'Only show candidates with required work experience' button on the Recruitment page.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can add teammates to groups on the User Group page and set unique permissions for each.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can control each recruitment process by adding a new 'Approval stage' into a pipeline. A member of the User Group can then re-check a candidate and approve them to continue the hiring process
  • If an outdated or an unsupported browser is used to search for Martide an error message will be displayed.
  • The salary for each position is hidden and can only be viewed when a candidate passes the ‘Negotiation stage’ of the recruitment process.
  • Errors identified and corrected.