New updates and improvements to Martide.

October 4th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • It's now possible to drag and drop a file from your computer to upload it.
  • When searching for a candidate or vessel etc you can now type what you’re looking for and hit enter. The option to select several values from the dropdown is still there.
  • All documents are now presented in their original size when previewed.
  • The complete start and end dates of a contract are now displayed in a candidate’s work history section in their profile.
  • Candidates now receive an email when a shipowner / crew manager or manning agent has applied them to a job vacancy.
  • The engine KW info has been added to a vessel’s details and to a candidate’s work history.
  • In the advertisement stage when creating a new position, shipowners / crew managers can leave instructions for manning agents and job descriptions for candidates.
  • If a shipowner / crew manager or manning agent applies a candidate for a vacancy but they already have an active position the system will show a warning notification.
  • On the Negotiation page, a shipowner / crew managercan select any currency for the agreed salary, even if a different currency is used in the position’s budget.
  • On the Dashboard page shipowner / crew manager can see a list of candidates who have/have been applied to a vacancy or hired for a position by clicking the relevant number.
  • The list of permissions in the User Groups feature under Settings has been renamed to match their page titles.
  • The type of vessel is now displayed on the job detail page on a manning agent’s side.