New updates and improvements to Martide.

Jan 30, 2020

January 30th 2020 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • Candidates are now able to see and manage their appraisals.
  • The mobile app now supports intermediary bank details.
  • The export PDF of candidate resumes now shows a vessel’s engine type and power.
  • A new feature in the recruitment pipeline called Questionnaires has been created so shipowners and crew managers can ask candidates questions during the recruitment process. Questions can be formatted in different ways e.g. multiple choice or checkboxes.
  • Shipowners and crew managers have an Answered Questionnaires area to see completed surveys in one place.
Dec 30, 2019

December 30th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • On the mobile app candidates can view the rank when applying for a position.
  • The metric links on the shipowners and crew managers’ dashboard now correctly display the candidates who have applied for jobs and who have been recently hired.
  • The mobile app now accepts additional document types to make it easier for candidates to apply to jobs.
  • The messages inbox has been completely redesigned and is much easier to use.
Nov 30, 2019

November 30th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • The Company Directory on the website now includes more information about the shipowners / crew managers and manning agents we work for and with.
  • Now documents do not have to have a specified end date.
  • Shipowners, crew managers and manning agents can add a seafarer to multiple candidate pools.
  • The email notifications received by manning agents now show the rank and vessel name in the headline/title.
  • 'Readiness Date' has been changed to 'Availability Date' to make it clearer when a candidate is available to start.
Oct 31, 2019

October 31st 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • Shipowners / crew managers and manning agents are now sent an alert if they try to add the same seafarer to more than one job vacancy.
  • A vessel’s flag information has been added into the PDF CV for seafarers.
  • A basic integration for the ATPI travel agency has been built.
  • The vessel’s flag has been added to the Recruitment page.
  • Shipowners / crew managers and manning agents now have the ability to print out the questions and responses for an interview.
  • Users now have the ability to rotate attachments.
  • Rank, Gender, Airport and Phone Number have been added to Data Templates.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed to make the dashboard work better.
Oct 04, 2019

October 4th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • It's now possible to drag and drop a file from your computer to upload it.
  • When searching for a candidate or vessel etc you can now type what you’re looking for and hit enter. The option to select several values from the dropdown is still there.
  • All documents are now presented in their original size when previewed.
  • The complete start and end dates of a contract are now displayed in a candidate’s work history section in their profile.
  • Candidates now receive an email when a shipowner / crew manager or manning agent has applied them to a job vacancy.
  • The engine KW info has been added to a vessel’s details and to a candidate’s work history.
  • In the advertisement stage when creating a new position, shipowners / crew managers can leave instructions for manning agents and job descriptions for candidates.
  • If a shipowner / crew manager or manning agent applies a candidate for a vacancy but they already have an active position the system will show a warning notification.
  • On the Negotiation page, a shipowner / crew managercan select any currency for the agreed salary, even if a different currency is used in the position’s budget.
  • On the Dashboard page shipowner / crew manager can see a list of candidates who have/have been applied to a vacancy or hired for a position by clicking the relevant number.
  • The list of permissions in the User Groups feature under Settings has been renamed to match their page titles.
  • The type of vessel is now displayed on the job detail page on a manning agent’s side.
Aug 21, 2019

August 21st 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • On the Candidate page shipowners / crew managers can choose a manning agent to manage a new candidate.
  • To make a candidate an ex-crew member within the system, users can set the Ex-Crew option in the candidate profile's 'personal section'.
  • Change over date is now displayed next to each position on the Position page. Closed positions are no longer displayed using a dropdown menu.
  • Shipowners / crew manager can save the tracking number on the Contract Sign page and also see the tracking number that was set by a manning agent.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can include instructions for manning agents on a Position Creation page.
  • On the Fleet page, users can search vessels by IMO and sort them by 'Creation Date'.
  • The list of documents on the Data Template page is now sorted by name.
  • Redesign of the search filters on the Recruitment and Candidates pages for shipowners / crew managers and manning agents.
  • Engine details can now be exported to a candidate's CV.
  • Engine stroke info added to the Jobs page on the manning agent side.
  • Manning agents and Supporters now receive email notifications when the candidate has moved to a stage they manage (outsourced stage).
  • In the work history section users can edit previously suggested vessels or suggest a new vessel even if the IMO is already taken.
  • Email notification improvements.
  • API improvements.
Jul 11, 2019

July 11th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • In 'Work History', the user who created the page can now select a vessel from the dropdown menu. DWT, IMO and engine info for the vessel is added automatically.
  • If there are no required vessels in the dropdown, users can add one via the Suggest a vessel link. Once approved, it will be available to all users.
  • Shipowners / crew managers and manning agents can now see a candidate's work experience summary sorted by rank and vessel type.
Jun 25, 2019

June 25th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • Shipowners / crew managers can see and manage medical documents that were uploaded by a manning agent or supporter.
  • On the Dashboard page, shipowners / crew managers can now click on a 'new candidates counter' and see a list who was applied or hired to a position.
  • Manning agents and Supporters can manage and approve the 'Interview' and 'Approve' stages of a recruitment process if a shipowner / crew manager has allowed them to.
  • Settings link has been moved to the Profile and is accessible by clicking on the user's avatar. All settings options are now displayed on a separate page.
  • Comments and 'Martide option' added to the 'Advertising stage' on the Recruitment Creation page.
Jun 03, 2019

June 3rd 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • Registering as a 'Ship Owner' is now available and allows shipowners / crew managers to register a company by themselves.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can now send messages to a manning agent who sourced a candidate. 'Manning agent chat option' is now available at each step of a recruitment process.
  • Only Martide company users can see and manage candidates who create an account by themselves.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can select the 'Martide' option at the advertising stage within the process of creating positions to ask us to find candidates.
  • If an applied candidate passes the 'Interview stage' and is then moved to a similar position that uses the same pipeline, shipowners / crew managers no longer need fill out the same interview answers as they will be automatically transferred.
  • Shipowners / crew managers now receive Change Over Date Reminder emails when there are 7 and 2 days left before the date, as well as 1 day after the date.
  • If a candidate is hired by a shipowner / crew manager and they decide to apply the candidate to another position, the manning agent will be notified by email.
  • Manning agents can now edit shipment details on the Shipment page.
  • New design for the Recruitment page.
  • Search option is no longer case sensitive.
  • Download icon is now displayed next to each document in the system.
  • If a document entry has several attachments previews for all of them will be displayed.
  • Timezone of all messages now converts accordingly to the user’s timezone. This can be managed in Profile -> Settings.
  • 'Availability Date' renamed to 'Readiness Date'.
May 06, 2019

May 6th 2019 - Martide Monthly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • Shipowners / crew managers can export a candidate's CV with the Export PDF button on the Candidate Profile page.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can view manning agent fees at Settings -> Manning Agents.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can set all necessary info in the 'Engine files' for each vessel. The field is now supported as a usual text input.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can upload edit-protected and password-protected files.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can choose Furuno FEA or Furuno FMD as the ECDIS instead of Furuno.
  • Shipowners / crew managers can set any currency for a salary.
  • Candidates can now subscribe for new job notifications on the Find Job page. Notifications are based on search results as set by the candidate.
  • A Supporter now has access to all candidates who applied for the Supporter's vessel's positions.
  • Supporters name now displayed for all positions that are created for the Supporters' vessel.
  • The system now imports Qualifications Licenses, Medical Examinations, Qualifications Certificates, Training Experience and Next Of Kin data from NSE.