New updates and improvements to Martide.

21st June - Martide's Weekly Changelog & Bug Fixes

New Features

  • Crew Change information is now available via Document Assembly Tags.
  • There is now also a Vessels custom field in Document Assembly Tags.
  • We have added an agreed salary currency tag to Document Assembly Tags.

Bug Fixes

  • In Crew Changes the in flights’ time is now calculating correctly.
  • In Crew Changes, seafarers are now ordered by the company-specified rank order.
  • Travel Agents no longer have access to canceled or completed crew changes.
  • It is now possible to update any crew change statuses from another status - i.e. Canceled back to Pending. 
  • The airport name search function has been improved.
  • Word documents now support using Document Assembly Tags in their headers and footers.
  • In Vessel settings, users are now required to select the contract template that will be used in the contract signed stage.