Glossary of maritime terminology

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In maritime terminology, a jackup is a deck or platform on a rig that has legs that can be jacked up or down. When operations are taking place, the legs rest on the seabed. When the rig is to be moved, the legs are retracted, enabling it to float into position. They are sometimes used to drill for oil and gas in shallow waters.


Juliett stands for the letter J in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, which is most often referred to as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet or simply the Phonetic Alphabet. This is the most commonly used group of code words used to clearly communicate the letters of the Roman alphabet, particularly over the radio and is essential in helping seafarers give and receive messages, orders and instructions clearly and correctly.

Note that Juliett is intentionally spelled ‘incorrectly’ to avoid any confusion caused by its original spellings - i.e. Juliet - being mispronounced

Junior Electrician

The work of a Junior Electrician on a ship involves assisting the rest of the electrical department with tasks such as reading and understanding technical diagrams and blueprints, installing and replacing wiring and electrical components, and maintaining, repairing and upgrading faulty electrics.