HR glossary of terminology

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A Wake is the name given to the waves that are created by the hull of a vessel as it moves through the water.

Waste Operator

The Waste Operator also called the Waste Disposal Operator or Garbage Operator on a ship is someone who is responsible for ensuring that waste is handled properly and disposed of correctly. Most Waste Operators are employed on cruise and passenger ships.


Each twenty four hour period at sea is divided into six four-hour segments otherwise known as a Watch. There will be three groups of crew members who will stand Watch. They will be on duty for four hours and then off for eight then back to duty.

Water Boat

A Water Boat is a craft that is fitted with large water tanks and a pump and hose. It supplies ocean-going vessels with fresh water whilst they are in a harbor.


A Waybill is a non-negotiable document prepared by the carrier of a shipment of goods. It contains details of the shipper the consignee the goods themselves the weight the route and the charges. The Waybill acts as evidence of the contract and as a receipt for the goods.

Weather Side

The Weather Side refers to whichever side of the ship is currently exposed to the wind.

Weigh Anchor

To Weigh Anchor is to haul the anchor up in preparation for setting sail.


Also sometimes called a terminal the Wharf is the place where cargo and shipping containers are handled. Vessels dock at a Wharf to load and offload their cargo or containers.

Wharfage Fee

The Wharfage Fee is a sum charged by a wharf (or pier) owner for their incoming and/or outgoing cargo handling services.


The Wheelhouse is also often called the Bridge or Pilothouse and is the place where the ship's wheel is located on a vessel.


Wiper is one of the most junior entry level cargo ship jobs and the job involves wiping down the vessel’s engine spaces equipment and machinery and making sure they are kept clean so that they can operate correctly and efficiently. The Wiper's job also involves greasing and degreasing and generally making sure that the engine room and work spaces are kept clean and tidy.