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Hands up if you don’t love getting something for nothing. No one - we thought so! We all love getting a freebie, whether it’s someone in the line in front of you at Starbucks paying it forward and buying your morning coffee or it's a product or service that makes life easier. Which brings us neatly on to Martide’s maritime crew management system.

Our maritime recruitment and crew planning software streamlines the crucial processes in your teams, making life simpler for Recruitment Officers, Crew Managers and Manning Agents. But what has that got to do with free stuff?

Keep reading and we’ll tell you!

But first, let’s take a look at why getting something for free can give us such a buzz - whether it’s related to leisure or work.

Why do we love getting something for nothing?  

There are many reasons why, as humans, we enjoy getting things for free, and it can be a complex combination of psychological, social, and economic factors. Here are a few potential explanations:

Evolutionary advantage

From an ancestral perspective, free resources meant more energy and more time for survival and reproduction. This hardwired inclination to seek out advantageous deals might still be at play, even when the immediate need for scarcity isn't as pressing.

Loss aversion

Humans are generally more sensitive to losses than gains, and this phenomenon is known as loss aversion. So, even a small freebie can trigger an exaggerated sense of satisfaction, as it feels like we're "winning" against the potential loss of paying for something.

Social proof and status

In some cases, free things can be seen as a status symbol, especially if they're associated with desirable brands or experiences. Owning something for free can provide a sense of belonging or exclusivity, and it can be gratifying to be able to share that with others.

Psychological ownership and endowment effect

Once we possess something, even if it's just temporarily, we tend to value it more. This is known as the endowment effect, and it can contribute to the enjoyment of getting things for free. We may start to see the free item as "ours," even if we haven't paid for it, and this can lead to a sense of satisfaction and attachment.

Surprise and delight

Receiving an unexpected gift or freebie can be a pleasant surprise, and it can trigger positive emotions like happiness and gratitude. This can be especially true if the free item is something we've been wanting or something we didn't even know existed.

It's important to note that not everyone enjoys getting things for free to the same extent. Some people might feel guilty or obligated when they receive something without paying, while others might simply not be interested in the free item itself. 

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Ultimately, the reasons why humans enjoy freebies are varied and complex, and it's likely a combination of different factors at play for each individual.

So that’s our quick dive into why we potentially enjoy getting things, products, goods or services for free, but let’s get back to Martide for a moment.

What Martide’s maritime crew management system gives you for free

So how can we delight your crew planning and maritime recruitment teams with our offering? Well, did you know that it costs you absolutely nothing to post your seafarer job vacancies on our maritime jobs board?

In fact, there are quite a few nice little freebies that we can offer you, whether you’re a manning agency or a small to medium-sized shipping company. For example:

  • It’s completely free to register a company account with Martide
  • It’s also absolutely free to post your maritime job vacancies on our platform
  • Applications from seafarers come directly to you - with no fees added on by us
  • You can add as many users of our maritime recruitment software as you need - for free
  • Users have access to their own (free) in-built messaging system to stay in touch with seafarers
  • Employers/shipowners also have complete access to our global network of manning agents, and again, that’s for free
  • We also offer a free, no-strings-attached demo of our maritime crew management system

And as well as the benefits to you as a Crew Manager, Recruitment Officer or Manning Agent, it’s also free for seafarers to create a Martide account and apply for jobs through our platform. 

Unlike some unscrupulous agents, we don’t believe in charging job seekers to use our services (and we never will) - plus it means that crew who are looking for their next contract at sea will be much more likely to click on your maritime job advert and apply because they know there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

When you create a Martide account, whether you’re an employer, manning agency or a seafarer, we operate in a truly transparent fashion and make it clear what you’ll get.

Of course, if you do want to take advantage of our advanced, premium features, you can choose our paid subscription services, which are worked out at a sensible and affordable rate per seafarer onboard per day. 

More efficient maritime recruitment - for free!

If our list of 100% free features and services above have aroused your interest and you’re looking for a better approach to running your maritime recruitment and crew planning operations, what do you need to do now?

If you’re ready to get started today and want to post your seafarer job vacancies to start receiving applications immediately, simply:

  1. Create your free Martide account
  2. Login and post your crewing vacancies 

Or if you want to find out more about Martide’s maritime crew management system and seafarer recruitment software before you get started, get in touch with us to book your free demonstration.

We’re also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our recruitment and crewing software in which case, feel free (no pun intended!) to drop us a line at support@martide.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Love a freebie? Who doesn’t! Create your account or contact us to find out more and let’s find you qualified seafarers to fill your maritime job vacancies - for absolutely free.

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Eve Church

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