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Blog posts about all things Martide related including updates to our maritime recruitment and crew management system software and seafarer mobile job app.

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Crewing Software

Posts about how we help Crew Managers and Manning Agents streamline processes thanks to our maritime crew management software and recruitment platform.

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Crew Management

Maritime crew management systems and strategies for better seafarer and employee retention. Read our posts for tips on how to manage crew and stop them jumping ship!

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Fun Stuff

Seafarer quotes, lighthearted lists, facts and other things to read when you're passing the time whether you're searching for seafarer jobs online or working at sea!

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Jobs at Sea

Read our posts for an insight into different jobs at sea, seafarer ranks, working on ships, seafarer jobs, working in the merchant navy and more.

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Job Seeker Tips

Tips and practical advice including how to find jobs at sea, writing a seaman resume, interview prep and the things you should and shouldn't do when looking for seafarer jobs.

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Life at Sea

Martide blog posts about life at sea including seafarer mental health and wellbeing, life on a cargo or container ship, tips for getting on with fellow crew and more.

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Maritime Industry

Posts for anyone connected to the maritime industry including Crew Managers, Manning Agents, Recruitment Officers and seafarers. Topics include everything from jobs at sea to industry news.

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Maritime Recruitment

Posts about maritime recruitment software and actionable marine recruitment tips and strategies for Crew Managers, Recruitment Officers and Manning Agents.

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Shipping & Vessels

Get the lowdown from Martide's blog about different types of commercial vessels, the merchant fleet and all other things shipping and maritime related.

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