What is a Hiring Team in Maritime Recruitment?

Nov 23, 2022 · 8 mins read ·

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If you’ve been racking your brain about how to screen hundreds of candidates and thousands of resumes or you don’t have the time to do it (We know how busy maritime recruitment is!) then what you need is a hiring team to do the job for you.

A hiring team is a group of individuals employed by you, the employer, that is assigned to fill your company’s vacant positions.

Having a hiring team will make your job of recruiting easier because you can rely on them to search and hire the ideal candidate – and of course, the most qualified (what you want to see in your future employee) – for the position. As the employer, you only have to appoint people whom you can rely on to ensure a smooth hiring process.

A hiring team will be responsible for the recruitment process from recruiting talent, interviewing the seafarers to hiring the ideal mariner for the position. So, if you want to lighten your load a bit, then it might be a good idea for you and your company to form a hiring committee.

What comprises a hiring team?

It actually depends on you as the employer who is forming a hiring committee on what roles you want to have in the team. However, here are some common roles that you can see in a general hiring committee:

Hiring Manager: A hiring manager is usually the head – the person who forms the committee and is the most familiar with the positions’ requirements and duties. The hiring manager mostly writes the job descriptions and adverts for posting and they also participate in each stage of the recruitment process.

However, you can also appoint a hiring manager so they can solely focus on the hiring process given that the person you have appointed knows the company and its needs just like the back of his/her hand.

The hiring manager is usually the most significant person on the committee and they are the most invested in choosing the proper candidate for the open position, thus their input is the most valuable.

Recruiter: Your appointed recruiter plays a significant role in the whole process since he/she is in charge of the end-to-end process of the talent acquisition for your organization. They are also responsible for recruiting ideal candidates, pre-screening them, and choosing the qualified seafarers to present to the hiring manager.

Recruiters can also be tasked with soliciting employee referrals internally and externally, hence, they are the main contact for the candidate and the company throughout the whole hiring process. They are also assigned with doing background checks, reference checks, and if everything checks out, the job offer procedure.

The committee also relies on the recruiter to maintain the smooth sailing of the hiring process so that all rules and regulations are followed as well as the company guidelines and legal requirements.

In addition to this, your recruiter also plays an important role in onboarding, he/she ensures that the new hire is prepared to start in the company on their first day.

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Recruiting Coordinator: Recruiting coordinators support the recruiters throughout the recruitment process – they help with different tasks such as posting the job openings on job boards or socials, scheduling interviews, and other tasks assigned to them that will help in the easing of the recruiters’ load.

Interviewer: The role of the interviewer or a panel of interviewers – this can include you or the department head or hiring manager – is to interview the candidates with a consistent set of questions or scenarios to get the best and reliable results and narrow the number of applicants down to those who are qualified.

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What are the responsibilities of a hiring team?

Your hiring team’s main objective is to hire the most qualified candidate for the company’s position. However, there is more to it than that. Here you can see the three important tasks for a hiring committee:

#1 Identify the job requirements for the open position - The first task for the hiring team is to identify the job description for the vacant position. The hiring team will ensure that the pool of candidates will be narrowed down to those who are closest to the company’s requirements.

With conducting the first task, the committee will be familiarized with what the ideal candidate should be and after, they can come up with the right interview questions, screen resumes, and decide who moves forward to the interview stage.

#2 Screen and choose candidates - After determining the requirements and job description, the next step is to screen and choose candidates by means of an interview. With the consistent interview questions, the hiring committee will now get a feel of what it's like to work with the applicant.

3. Hire the most qualified candidate - Following the above, now you’re on the last leg of the process which is hiring the most qualified candidate. If your hiring committee has narrowed down – all the way down – the applicants, the hiring manager or the employer can now choose someone who the whole team agrees will perfectly fit the job.

With all the interviews, responses, emails, and whatnot, the most qualified candidate will outshine the others – thanks to the hiring team’s work in searching and choosing the ideal candidate.

What is a hiring team? Wrap up

As an employer in maritime, you’ve got a lot in your hands – we know that, so why not let Martide help you with recruitment through our all-in-one platform that will surely take some weight off your shoulders.

Our platform will definitely help you save time and effort just like a hiring team would do! With Martide, the recruitment process will be a lot easier and we will make sure that you get to hire the best candidate out there.

Through our platform, you get to source qualified seafarers, track your candidates, custom build your processes, and of course, collaborate with others if necessary. So, if you need a hand with recruiting the best seafarers, don’t hesitate to try our platform and sign up on our website – it’ll save you the time and effort you can use to focus on other tasks!

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