New updates and improvements to Martide.

January 12th - Martide Weekly Changelog & Bug Fixes


  • We have added hour, day and month units to the salary values in Wage Scales.
  • On the Pipelines page we have added the Type so that you can see whether the Pipeline is for a Recruitment or an Assignment.
  • In Vessels, we have added the type of vessel to the export document.
  • In Seafarers, we have added the discharge reason to the export document.
  • We now require an attachment for any document that is to be uploaded into the system.
  • When you create a Recruitment, you must now set the currency type in the budget. 
  • We have fixed the value for a vessel’s Crew Operator on the Dashboard page.
  • We have fixed some bugs in Forms and in the OCIMF calculations. 
  • In Document Assembly there are now numerous different options and filters so that you can be more flexible and customize your templates to a much greater extent.   
  • If a seafarer has manual employment added to their profile, the system now considers them to be ex-crew.