New updates and improvements to Martide.

March 15th - Martide Weekly Changelog & Bug Fixes

New Features

  • The distinction between Candidates and Seafarers has been made clearer. Now on the Seafarers page / in the Seafarers database you will see anyone who you have processed in any way; for example, seafarers who are actively using Martide and who have applied for your jobs or who you have rejected. The Candidates page is now a searchable recruitment database of seafarers who have a Martide profile that is set to active.
  • Job vacancies that are opened as a Recruitment (as opposed to an Assignment) can now only be open for a maximum of 90 days. They will be automatically removed from the website/app after this period. Therefore you will need to create a new Recruitment/job advert for your vacancy after this period.
  • We have updated the calculations for a Watchkeeper in the OCIMF function.