5 Reasons Why Travel Agents Should Create a Martide Account

Mar 26, 2024 · 9 mins read ·

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In the ever-evolving travel industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for travel agents who want to offer unparalleled service to their clients in what can be a crowded marketplace. And this is where Martide comes into play. 

Our maritime crew management system has been created to help small to medium-sized shipping companies and manning agents find seafarers for their jobs and manage the entire lifecycle of their crew from hiring, contract signing, and document management right through to crew changes.

But what does that have to do with you as a travel agent? Well, although not designed for you specifically, Martide is actually a platform that can significantly enhance how travel agents operate, especially if you specialize in maritime travel. 

The clue is in the crew change part!

Creating a Martide account opens up a wide range of opportunities for your business, and while we might be a little bit biased, here's why every travel agent should consider it!

5 Reasons why your travel agency should create a Martide account

First we’ll walk you through the reasons why you should create an account for your travel agency business with Martide - and at the end of this post, we’ll tell you how.

1. You'll streamline your operations

Martide offers a seamless and highly visual interface that simplifies the booking process for seafarers' travel. Our shipping company and manning agency clients who have a Martide account can access an all-in-one platform that integrates travel itineraries, eTickets and bookings.

This means that the need to juggle multiple platforms or vendors is eliminated, making it more likely that they will run their entire crew change process through Martide. And if you’ve created an account with us, your travel agency will be in the system, increasing the likelihood of a Crew Manager contacting you to arrange flights.

In addition to this, consolidating all travel tickets and data not only saves time but also reduces the potential for errors, ensuring a smooth travel experience for both you and your clients. 

2. You'll gain access to a niche market

The maritime industry, with its unique and constant need for travel, presents a niche market that is often underserved. By creating a Martide account, travel agents gain specialized knowledge and access to this audience of potential clients. 

Martide's crew management system software is tailored to the specific requirements of maritime recruitment and crew planning, including coordinating travel arrangements. 

This includes aligning with ship crew changes, handling last-minute bookings, and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations. Our highly specialized software solution can help to set your agency apart from competitors.

3. You'll increase efficiency with automation

Martide's cloud-based crewing software leverages automation to make the booking process more efficient. You’ll be able to simplify sending quotes and receiving traveler details with our dynamic interface.

From being able to save eTickets and send seafarers their travel details via the Martide mobile seafarer app, we help travel agents provide proactive service to your clients.  

This level of efficiency not only enhances client satisfaction but also allows you as a travel agent to manage more bookings without an increase in workload or resources.

4. You'll enhance client satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any travel agent is to ensure client satisfaction, and Martide's crew planning software is designed with this in mind - for everyone who interacts with our platform, whether they’re a paying client, a seafarer or a maritime industry supplier.

The ease of use, efficiency, and comprehensive support contribute to a hassle-free travel experience for Crew Managers and seafarers alike. 

And happy clients are more likely to return to you and recommend your services, driving growth for your agency.

5. You'll find networking opportunities

Martide's platform also serves as a networking hub for the maritime industry. By creating an account, as a travel agent, you will be able to connect with shipping companies, including Crew Managers, Recruitment Officers and manning agencies. 

By adding your company’s details to our online maritime marketplace, you will be able to create advantageous connections that can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations, further expanding your agency's reach - and profits.

Plus you'll enjoy comprehensive support 

Martide understands the unpredictable nature of the maritime industry and we know that sometimes everyone from Crew Manager to seafarer may need a little help using our crewing system. 

That’s why we provide a robust support system for our users. This includes an email ticketing helpline as well as a comprehensive support website that explains how to use all of our maritime crew management software’s features and functions. 

As a travel agent, having access to this level of support means you can offer your clients peace of mind, knowing that any issues will be promptly addressed.

How to get started on Martide

Creating a Martide account is a straightforward process designed with user convenience in mind. Here's how to get started:

Go to the Martide website

Start by visiting Martide's website and clicking on the Sign Up button in the top right corner. That will take you to a page that has two options: Seafarer and Company. Click on Company.

Provide your information

You will then be asked to fill in some basic information including your name and email address. You will need to create a password here too.

Fill in your company profile

Upload your company’s logo and add your travel agency's details, contact information, and an About Us bio. Don’t forget to mention any specific services you offer. You can also add members of your team so that they also have permission to access Martide. 

Now you’re all set to start connecting with potential new clients in the maritime industry.

How to check to see if anyone has asked you to find flights

Now you will want to see if a Crew Manager has requested that you find flights for any of their seafarers. Here’s how to do that.

Log into your Martide account and click Flight Requests in the menu on the left hand side of the page. That will take you to this page:

Screenshot of Martide's maritime crew management system showing the flights page

Here you can see:

  • The date the request was made
  • The name of the vessel
  • The port the vessel will depart from
  • How many on- and off-signers there are from that vessel
  • Whether any of those on- or off-signers are in the Top 4 (Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer or Second Officer.)
  • The name of the person in your company who the request has been assigned to
  • The status of the request (Confirmed, Issued, Refund Pending, Canceled or Approval Required.)

Also on this page you can filter your flight requests to make it easier to find the request you are looking for. Click the funnel icon at the top of the page to then search by vessel name, change over dates, the person in charge (PiC), status or port.

Why travel agencies should create a Martide account: conclusion

In a competitive industry where efficiency, reliability, and value are paramount, having a Martide account can be a game-changer for travel agents. 

It's not just about having another tool in your arsenal; it's about enhancing your service offering, tapping into a new market, acquiring new clients - and ultimately, driving growth for your agency. 

Embrace the future of maritime travel with Martide’s maritime crew management system’s Flight Request feature for travel agents and set your company on a course for even greater success.

Ready? Create your account and add your details to our online marketplace and start working with new clients now!

Eve Church

Eve Church

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