New updates and improvements to Martide.

July 7th 2023 - Martide Weekly Changelog & Bug Fixes

  • The crew manager Dashboard now only counts vessels within your management dates. You can find the management start and end dates under the Vessel Details section on a vessel’s profile page.
  • Crew managers can now search for a User who has an active role on a vessel. This also means that you can search for all the vessels that are assigned to a specific User.
  • The creator of an Assignment or Recruitment now receives an email when a new candidate is applied.
  • Flights will now import if a seafarer’s name contains special characters.
  • On a seafarer’s profile page we added 2 tooltips: 1) Vessel names now show various vessel information and 2) The Actual Sign Off Date in the Work History and Employment sections now show the termination reason and the months onboard value.
  • We updated the Find Job page for manning agents to make it more user-friendly.
  • We added age and nationality next to a seafarer’s name on the Candidates and Seafarers pages. 
  • On the Seafarers page it is now possible to find a seafarer who was onboard a vessel between certain dates.
  • In Assignments it is now possible to keep ex-crew if the rank hasn’t changed since their last Assignment. i.e. there used to be a ‘skip with ex-crew’ step. Now you can also ‘skip with ex-crew’ if the rank hasn’t changed. This means that if their rank has changed, the step becomes required.