New updates and improvements to Martide.

February 2nd - Martide Weekly Changelog & Bug Fixes

New Features

  • In Forms, users can now edit and delete answers if the form is still pending.
  • Also in Forms, users can edit and delete the answers in manual forms at any time.
  • Employers can see a manual form that has been added by a manning agent as long as the form is linked to an embarkation.
  • A crew change date is now required for each Recruitment.
  • On the seafarer jobs page on the website, we now show the date that the job was created as well as the date that the ad was last updated.

Bug Fixes

  • The document expiry check is now working properly.
  • We fixed the historical seafarer entries on the Planning page.
  • We have fixed the filters, also on the Planning page.
  •  On the seafarer profile page we fixed the discharge reason on the employment records.
  • On the Vessels page it is now possible to delete a vessel’s contact.

We have fixed a bug in the date filters on the Seafarers and Candidates pages.