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A Shipowner's Guide to the Supporters Function

A Shipowner's Guide to the Supporters Function

Eve Jones

If you’re a shipowner or manager who offers crew management services to your clients, you’ll need to know how to use our Supporters function. This handy feature lets you give your client as much or as little control as is mutually agreed upon over your maritime recruitment process - or in Martide terms, your Recruitment Pipeline.

Under normal circumstances if you are offering crewing services your client can see, but not edit or approve, the Pipeline. The Supporters function lets you override this so you can offer your client a more hands on approach to management.

This can be at any step in the Pipeline, or just at the end when it comes to making the final call on whether or not to hire a candidate.

USP alert: Enabling the Supporters function is a great selling point for any shipowner or manager who offers crew management services to clients within the shipping industry.

Here’s how to use the Supporter function

To get started log in to and click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. You will see a drop down menu: click Settings and then Supporters.

Martide's maritime recruitment website showing where to find the Supporters page

Next you’ll be taken to your Supporters main page, which looks like this:

The main page of the Supporters feature on Martide's website

This is where you can see who you’ve already added as a Supporter, create a new Supporter and delete an existing Supporter that you no longer work with. It’s really easy to add new Supporters. Simply click on the blue Create Supporter button in the top right corner. You will then see a page that looks like this:

Page on Martide's website showing how to create a new Supporter

To add a client as a new Supporter:

  1. Select the vessel
  2. Select the Supporter (the company)
  3. Click Save when you’re done

It really is as easy as that - and it’s a feature that your clients will definitely appreciate. Best of all, it still allows you to retain as much control as you like over the maritime Recruitment Pipeline.

Handy hints for users of the Supporters function

  • Before you can add them, your Supporter (i.e. your client) will need to have created an account with so that their company name and vessel(s) appear in the drop down boxes.
  • When you want to give a Supporter access to the Pipeline you need to make sure the Outsource Support function is turned on. You will see this option when you add a new Stage to the Pipeline. You’ll find this under Settings > Pipelines.

This knowledge base article about using the Supporters function for easier crew management is a version of a step-by-step how to guide that can be found in our support pages for shipowners and managers.

Our aim at Martide is to provide you with the best talent pool of seafarers through our maritime recruitment services while offering you streamlined processes through our easy onboarding and crew management features.