A Guide to Creating Maritime Job Vacancies on Martide

A Guide to Creating Maritime Job Vacancies on Martide

Eve Jones

Martide has developed our maritime recruitment software to help shipowners and managers streamline their candidate sourcing, interviewing and hiring processes.

From the moment you post a maritime job to the minute you hire a recruit, our user-friendly platform is with you every step of the way.

There are a few different stages to creating seafarer jobs and managing your candidates though, so for this blog post we thought we’d walk you through them to get you started.

Tip: this blog post is a version of a step by step user guide that explains how to create shipping job vacancies on Martide in a little more detail. If you’d like to check that out, please click here.

How to create maritime job vacancies on Martide

The Recruitment page

First of all, log in to Martide.com and click Recruitment at the top. You’ll be taken to this page:

the Recruitment page on Martide.com

This is your main maritime recruitment dashboard and you can do a number of things here including searching by vessel, rank, and candidate - you can customize your search with filters.

You can also create new maritime job vacancies - which is the focus of this article.

To do that, click the Create Recruitment button on the top right. You will then see this page:

Page on Martide showing how to create a new job vacancy on the platform

This is our easy-to-use base for entering all the specifics of your open jobs at sea. Use the drop down functions to enter the vessel name, rank, and the candidate pipeline you want to align with the job.

(You need to create a pipeline before you can create a vacancy - if you haven’t already done that, to learn about creating pipelines, click here.)

Add the quantity of people you need for that role and the crew change date and listing expiry date. Next add the vessel trading area.

Scroll down the page and you’ll see sections for budget, contract length, experience and visas. Set these as per your requirements.

You can add as many visas you need for a candidate for that vacancy to hold. That section of the page looks like this:

Page on Martide's website showing where to add visa contract and budget requirements

When you’re done, hit Save & Continue and you’ll be taken to the Requirements screen.

Here you need to choose the Data Template you created earlier for that job role. (To read our step by step guide to creating Data Templates, click here.)

Martide page on the website showing where to select the Data Template for that position

Once you’ve selected your Data Template the screen will open up to show all the requirements you previously added to the template for that job. You can review, but not edit, these requirements and documents. If you do need to edit them go to Settings -> Data Templates -> Edit. The page looks something like this:

Martide page showing how to edit the requirements the user set for a Data Template

You can check and uncheck the boxes next to the requirements. When the box is checked it means the requirement will appear as needed for that vacancy.

This is the ultra convenient way you can customize every job vacancy to your exact needs.

Next, scroll down the page to specify what documents you want candidates for the position to hold. You’ll also be able to specify STCW requirements, other documents such as a Seaman’s Book, and medical documents.

Click Save & Continue when you’re done.

Let’s advertise your maritime job vacancy!

Once you’ve finished entering all your requirements and documents you’ll be automatically taken to the Advertising section and will see two options:

1. Public:

After posting a public position, your basic requirements will be displayed on Martide’s maritime job pages for seafarers.

We’ll also check our pool of crew for suitable candidates for your position, plus we’ll share and promote your vacancy on our social media channels. We’re followed by numerous seafarers who are actively looking for jobs at sea and careers in the maritime industry so this is a great way of getting your crewing vacancy in front of the right people.

Candidates can also apply directly for the position. Please note however, that unless you have used the Alternative Documents setting to override your Data Template, only candidates holding the relevant documents will be able to apply.

2. Martide:

If you choose option two this lets you send your maritime job vacancies to manning agents. Unlike public vacancies, agents will be able to see all the information you included in your Data Template.

If you don’t see one of your manning agents in this section, select Settings -> Manning Agents and choose the manning agents you would like to see your advertisement.

If you need an agent adding to the database, contact your Key Account Manager who will be happy to do that for you. You can also leave a message for both the manning agent and the candidate in the box below. The Advertising section looks like this:

Martide.com showing the user how to set a job advert to be publicly displayed or not

And that’s it: you should now be able to create a listing for your vacant maritime jobs on Martide.com and find the right crew for your fleet!

However, if you do need any additional help or if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]