Tips for Transitioning to a Paperless Company

Tips for Transitioning to a Paperless Company

Do you still keep the physical documents of your seafarers in your file cabinets?

What do you do when you need to make a quick check on a single file?

How long does it actually take you to finish that task?

Many businesses still depend on physical documents, but you don’t have to be one of them anymore – you have the option to go paperless any time and store files and retrieve data more efficiently.

As a shipowner or crew manager, going paperless can do wonders in your maritime operations as everything is digital and can be easily accessed with one click.

In this blog post, we’ll let you know how crewing software can help you transition from stacking up piles of papers to going paperless.

Let’s get started!

Benefits of going paperless in maritime recruitment

Some businesses still believe that using actual documents in their processes and systems makes them more productive and organized.

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However, there are other companies who decided to minimize – even eliminate – their reliance on paper and actually became more efficient than ever.

Now, you can choose to join the latter and streamline your maritime operations. It’s time to make the transition and stop swimming in paperwork.

Here are the top 4 benefits you can enjoy when you let go of the paperwork and go digital:

If you still have those categorized and alphabetized file cabinets in your workplace, you may be wondering how digital files could be any more organized.

Even if everyone in your company is meticulous, there’s still the possibility that physical documents can still go missing.

When applications start coming in and documents are piling up, some files get misplaced or transported with no one knowing where they went at any given moment.

There are also instances of duplicate documents that present just as much of a challenge.

All those hassles can be prevented by using software that can organize the data you need.

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Having a paperless system means that your files are all in one place and easily accessible.

Martide, as a crewing system, offers a Documents feature that you can utilize.

You can conveniently access a seafarer or a candidate's user profile that contains uploaded copies of the professional, medical and travel documents that they need to hold for a position.

This can help you quickly check that their paperwork is in order.

  • Get better backups and recovery

Paper is vulnerable to damage or destruction. You can lose it due to fires, floods, and other disasters, destroying years of collected data and files, in a short span of time.

By transitioning your file storage from a physical into a digital one, cloud solutions can be used to protect your seafarers’ and business documents.

This allows you to store information on your Candidates, Seafarers, Data Templates, Pipelines, and other data related to your operations.

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  • Improve your operations and cost savings

Paper-bound operations are slow, risky, and expensive in the long run as you and your personnel might be spending hours printing, filing, organizing and searching through paper documents all the time.

Sticking with paperwork significantly slows down your activities.

To add to that, managing all of the physical documents can be exhausting and a waste of time.

Going over papers on your Recruitments, Planning, Assignments and other operations can definitely be overwhelming.

Shifting into digital documents and subjecting them to automated workflows is the answer.

Not only do you save money by not relying on paper and ink anymore, but it also makes your processes faster.

  • Become environment-friendly

This is the last but certainly not the least.

Many companies today have already adapted initiatives to go green and save the Earth by reducing their carbon footprint.

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Going paperless is one of the most effectives ways to meet those goals.

You don’t have to worry about keeping tabs of all your folders in your file cabinet and using more paper to record or new or update any business transactions.

For example, if you need to check the overall status of your vessels due to a scheduled Crew change, when you go digital, there’s no more need to go over the folders manually.

You can simply log in to your crewing software and retrieve the information you need and update it at an instant.

How you can transition to a paperless company

In the maritime industry, there are many benefits of going paperless as this field is not just fixed in one place but is worldwide.

To start streamlining your operations, here are a few tips that can help you transition:

  • Look for a small start

Since maritime recruitment and crew planning cover a wide range of activities, going paperless in your business all at once is not ideal.

It’ll be more effective to make the transition gradually.

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You can start by finding one paper-heavy procedure and identify the services that would be needed to shift that to a paperless one.

You can then move on from there, converting one process at a time.

  • Use the right activities to go paperless

You can take advantage of the right time or season to shift into paperless.

For example, if you have finished ramping up your recruitment ops, you can take that opportunity to record your candidates’ files digitally.

Once you’re done, you can make that your starting point and work your way backwards.

Doing this can also help you monitor and update your talent pipeline if needed.

  • Promote a paperless campaign

Don’t let all of your efforts go to waste by not actively engaging your people to adapt to the paperless culture.

Whenever possible, you can eliminate physical document approvals and implement policies that encourage digital file sharing.

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Realistically speaking, short-term or long-term, some of your processes may still require paper.

For instances like those, to stay true to your mission to go green, you can give a general reminder about the importance of recycling.

Tips for transitioning to a paperless company: conclusion

As many more businesses around the world aim to reduce their carbon footprint, you can take part in going green by adapting the paperless culture in your maritime business.

You can start through the use of a crewing system that will not only help you become environment-friendly but it can also streamline your operations.

With this digital tool, you can easily store the necessary documents both your candidates and seafarers need to submit, retrieve any necessary data to be looked into in an instant, and save money in terms of eliminating the need to use paper in your business.

Martide's all-encompassing crewing solution can help you control your costs and run a tighter ship.

You can take a look at our maritime software to learn more about streamlining your operations further and get a 360-degree view of your business.

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We can be your partner helping you manage your company better to achieve your objectives.

Whether you’re a shipowner, ship manager, or a manning agent, don’t hesitate to sign up on our website and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in attaining your goals in maritime operations.