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Oct 24, 2023 · 9 mins read ·

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We know that fall / autumn is well under way now (depending on which hemisphere and country you’re in of course) but for us here at the Martide blog, it’s most definitely the season of chilly temperatures and falling leaves. And the drop on the thermometer made us realize that we were overdue for a round up of everything that our crewing system developer and coding teams got up to over the summer months.

Back at the beginning of the year we caught up with everything the teams have achieved over the winter of 2022 and 2023 as well as what they’d been up to in spring of this year so before we go any further and we head into November, let’s have a quick catch up of what’s new and improved in Martide’s maritime recruitment software as of the end of the summer. 

Martide: crewing and recruitment software updates

Perhaps one of the most relevant changes we made overall to the Martide’s Changelog is that we’ve switched from doing monthly round-ups of what’s changed in our crewing software to weekly updates.

We hope that this makes it easier for crew managers, manning agents, and seafarers, to keep up with what’s been happening on a regular basis.

Let’s jump in and take a look back at what the coders and developers did in June.

Martide’s maritime recruitment software - June updates

All of these changes applied to crew managers and manning agents.

  • We added new filters to the Seafarers and Candidates Pages. These were: Birth Province, Birth Country, Race, and Religion (under Personal) and Trading Areas, Nationalities Sailed With and Max Crew Complement Sailed With (under Employment and Work History.)
  • We split Vaccinations into its own section on a seafarer’s profile.
  • We added an MLC column to the Vessels Page.
  • We added a Minimum Safe Manning column to the Vessels Page.
  • If you reject a candidate for an Assignment, the rejection reason will now appear if you hover over the status in the Employment section of their profile.
  • Appraisals are now sorted by date on a seafarer’s profile.
  • In the Appraisals section on a seafarer’s profile, you can now see the embarkation and the vessel it is linked to.
  • We renamed the English Tests feature to Assessment Tests and have changed the design accordingly.
  • We added P & I Club, ITF Union and classification to a vessel’s profile. 

Lots of useful upgrades and improvements there we hope you’ll agree! As ever our aim is to make our crewing software solution and maritime recruitment platform easier than ever to use. And speaking of which, this is what the guys got up to in July.

Martide’s crewing system software - July updates

All of these changes also applied to manning agencies, crew managers and recruitment officers. There are quite a few updates and upgrades this month so we’ll break them down!

  • The crew manager Dashboard now only counts vessels within your management dates. You can find the management start and end dates under the Vessel Details section on a vessel’s profile page.
  • Crew managers can now search for a User who has an active role on a vessel. This also means that you can search for all the vessels that are assigned to a specific User.
  • The creator of an Assignment or Recruitment now receives an email when a new candidate is applied.
  • Flights will now import if a seafarer’s name contains special characters.
  • On a seafarer’s profile page we added 2 tooltips: 1) Vessel names now show various vessel information and 2) The Actual Sign Off Date in the Work History and Employment sections now show the termination reason and the months onboard value.
  • We updated the Find Job page for manning agents to make it more user-friendly.
  • We added age and nationality next to a seafarer’s name on the Candidates and Seafarers pages. 
  • On the Seafarers page it is now possible to find a seafarer who was onboard a vessel between certain dates.
  • In Assignments it is now possible to keep ex-crew if the rank hasn’t changed since their last Assignment. i.e. there used to be a ‘skip with ex-crew’ step. Now you can also ‘skip with ex-crew’ if the rank hasn’t changed. This means that if their rank has changed, the step becomes required. 
  • You can now add an addendum to an existing contract in a seafarer’s profile.

Despite this being prime vacation season, our teams didn’t rest and they also achieved all of the following in July too:

  • A crew manager’s clients can now view the matrix tab on the Vessels page.
  • They fixed various bugs including the color tags in Messages and Broadcasts. 
  • On the Seafarers index page you will now see a flag next to a seafarer’s name. If you hover over the flag it will display the name of the country.
  • On the Assignments page, when you click on an Assignment, you will see a flag next to the vessel’s name. If you hover over the flag it will display the name of the country.
  • We have added an Assessments filter to the Seafarers index page. 
  • In a seafarer’s profile, you can now see which Assignment is linked to their Medical Examinations, Assessment Tests, Payslips and Appraisals.
  • It is now possible to delete a Crew Change IF there are no synchronized flights, or local travel or working gear set.
  • For tankers, it is now possible to export crew details to OCIMF SIRE. To do so, the OCIMF SIRE API token must be activated in Settings. 
  • It is now possible to create Wage Scales, including Earning Types and Deduction Types.
  • Various bugs were fixed including updated wording and formatting on a number of pages.
  • The Terms of Service page has been fixed.

Got all that?! We’re especially pleased with the OCIM SIRE API token which we know will make life a lot easier for any of you who include tankers amongst your fleet and we hope you find that really useful and easy to use.

Finally, that brings us to August.

Martide’s crew planning software solution - August updates

This month is a little different as we not only updated our maritime recruitment and crew planning software for companies but we also made some changes on the seafarer side of things which we hope will make Martide even better for seafarers to find jobs and track their applications and crew changes.

For crew managers, recruitment officers and manning agents:

  • Manual entries are now included in the Work Summary on a seafarer’s profile
  • We made some adjustments to the Wage Scales feature
  • Seafarer profiles now show their full name - no matter how long it is
  • Employers can now create their own Appraisal types
  • Seafarers can now see Assessments in their profile
  • Employers can now specify which users in their company can access specific sections of a seafarer’s profile
  • We fixed various bugs within our maritime recruitment and crewing system software

And for seafarers:

  • Employers can now add manual entries to the Work Summary on your profile
  • Your profile now shows your full name - no matter how long it is
  • You can now see your Assessments in your profile

And that’s it - albeit a lot of ‘it’ for this quarter! Don’t forget that you can keep up-to-date with our upgrades, new features and bug fixes in our regular posts on our company Changelog and for a full round up, keep your eyes open for our fall summary which will be posted on the blog at the end of November or beginning of December.

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