Martide's Top Seafarer Blog Posts of 2020

Jan 07, 2021 · 8 mins read ·

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It’s the beginning of another new year and while 2020 may have been a difficult one for many of us, especially seafarers who were either stuck on board their vessels and unable to disembark, or who were stuck at home and not able to go aboard, we hope that 2021 will be better, brighter, safer and more positive for everyone.

And because 2020 is now firmly in the rear view mirror, we thought it might be interesting to take a look back and see what people were reading last year. And by that we mean which of the Martide’s seafarer blog posts people were reading.

So, just as we did at the end of 2019, we’ve rounded up the top ten of last year’s most popular blog posts. We’ve included the links so that you can go back and take a look too if you wish.

So, from seafarer interview questions and answers to seaman quotes and from seafarer resume advice to guides to the different types of seafarer jobs, without further ado, let’s run down Martide’s very own end of year top ten list.

Martide’s Top Seafarer Blog Posts of 2020

10. 5 Ways to Improve Life Onboard by Being a Better Crewmate. In tenth place we have a blog post that provided some tips for being an all-round better co-worker and crewmate with a view to improving life at sea. (While also having the added bonus of making you a popular seafarer to work with and one that employers and manning agents want to rehire for their vacant seafarer jobs!)

9. Your Ultimate Guide to Maritime Jobs in Seaports. Our ninth most popular blog post for seafarers in 2020 was this guide for anyone who is thinking about finding out more about maritime jobs on land and in seaports. Take a look if this is something you think you might be interested in in the near future!

8. Your Guide to Different Types of Seafarer Jobs. The question ‘what is a seafarers job?’ is a tricky one. No two days at sea are the same and the gulf between the different types of seafarer jobs is huge. This blog post was our eighth most read last year and it explores some of the many different sorts of jobs at sea that are available.

7. Everything You Need to Know About Chief Marine Engineer Jobs. This blog post is one in an ongoing series of articles which takes an in-depth look at all of the different types of maritime careers and seafarer jobs. From ship’s Master to Deck Cadet and many of the seafarer ranks in between, this look at Chief Engineer jobs tells you what a Marine Engine does, what skills and personality traits you need to become one, and what you need to do to pursue a career in marine engineering. It was our seventh most read post in 2020 and was only just beaten by...

6. Everything You Need to Know About Junior Electrician Jobs. Although it was written back in October 2019, this other post in our series ‘what is a seafarer’s job’ is still proving to be a popular one, coming in in sixth place. Similar to the Chief Marine Engineer post above, this looks at what you need to possess and do to start your maritime career as a Junior Electrician on a ship.

5. Just Some of the Benefits of Working in Jobs at Sea. We’re halfway through our list of Martide’s most popular seafarer blog posts of 2020 and what better post to enter the list at number five than this positive post looking at the upside of maritime careers and seafarer jobs?! There’s no denying that working at sea is a demanding career choice, no matter which of the seafarer ranks you are, but we wanted to focus on the good stuff in this post.

4. How to Write a Seafarer Resume for the Maritime Industry. Our blog posts about writing seafarer resumes are always popular so it’s no surprise that one of them made the top ten. In 2020 this post about resumes for seamen, how to write them, what to include, what not to include, and seafarer resume formats made our number four spot. Looking for help in writing YOUR seaman resume? Check this post out, as well as all of these other posts.

3. Do You Have the Essential Skills & Personality Traits for Jobs at Sea? We’re into the top three now and our third most read blog post of 2020 was this look at the types of skills needed, and the most important personality traits for forging a successful career in the maritime industry. If you’re wondering whether or not working in seafarer jobs is for you, you should definitely read this blog post!

2. 10 of Martide’s Favorite Seafarer Quotes. We’re not really surprised that one of our blog posts featuring seaman quotes and inspirational quotes for seamen made it into the runner up place at number two. These posts have proved popular throughout the year - after all, who doesn’t love a nice list of seamanship quotes?! Take a look at this post and see if your favorite seafarer quote is mentioned, and don’t forget to take a look at some of our other seafarer quotes posts including quotes about ships and seafarer quotes about the sea.

1.  How to Answer 4 Questions You May be Asked at Seafarer Job Interviews. Seafarer job interviews can be nerve wracking, no matter whether you’re applying for entry level cargo ship jobs or you’re further along in your maritime career. This blog post is consistently our most popular week after week, which is why it wasn’t a huge shock that it made the number one spot and took the prize for being the most read post on Martide’s seafarer blog in 2020.

Whether you’re an Ordinary Seaman or a Chief Officer, if you’re looking to brush up your seafarer interview skills and find out more about seafarer interview questions and answers, you should take a look at this post!

And there you have it, our end of the year top ten list of the most read seafarer blog posts on our website. Was your favorite blog post in the list? Do you have any topics that you’d like to see included on our blog? Leave us a comment down below and let us know!

All that’s left for us to say, is thank you for reading and we wish you all the very best for a safe and happy 2021, from all of us here at Martide.

Eve Church

Eve Church

Eve is Martide's content writer, publishing regular posts on everything from our maritime recruitment and crew planning software to life at sea. Eve has been writing professionally for more than two decades, crafting everything from SEO-focused blog posts and website landing pages to magazine articles and corporate whitepapers.


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