The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Crewing System Software

Jan 11, 2024 · 8 mins read ·

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If you’re a small to medium-sized shipowner or manning agency who has come to the conclusion that it’s time to start running your maritime recruitment and crew planning operations more efficiently, it’s likely that you have been thinking about implementing a crewing system at work.

But what exactly is crew planning software, what can it do for your business and what are its main selling points?

In this article we’ll aim to answer all of these questions as well as provide you with some specific resources that deal with different aspects of crewing software.

The ultimate guide for shipowners and manning agents looking for a crewing system

First of all, what is crewing system software? It’s a digital platform specifically designed for managing the human resources side of maritime operations. 

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A good maritime recruitment platform and crewing planning solution will help anyone that owns or operates vessels, or recruits crew with various tasks related to your ops, including:

Seafarer recruitment and selection:

Crew planning and deployment:

  • Makes it easier to organize crew schedules for different vessels and voyages
  • Handles crew changes and ensures proper availability of personnel
  • Tracks crew location and status throughout their contracts
  • Manages crew licenses, seafarer books and visas

Crew management and administration:

  • Manages payroll and expenses for crew
  • Maintains and stores crew medical records and health documentation
  • Facilitates communication between crew and shore management
  • Ensures compliance with maritime regulations and industry standards

All of the above functions of a crewing system lead to a number of benefits for the recruitment and crew planning departments.

Benefits of using crewing system software:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Automating administrative tasks and streamlining processes saves time and effort.
  • Reduced costs: Streamlined recruitment and payroll management can lower personnel costs.
  • Enhanced compliance: Automated tracking and reporting ensure adherence to maritime regulations.
  • Better decision-making: Access to real-time data and reports supports informed decision-making about crew planning and deployment.
  • Improved crew satisfaction: Easier communication and streamlined processes can boost crew morale and retention.

And all of this creates happier seafarers and happier Recruitment Officers and Crew Managers!

If you’re looking to implement your first crewing system or you want to upgrade your current maritime recruitment and crew planning software, take a look at some of the following links which explore different aspects of a good crew planning system in further detail.

Resources for Crew Managers and Crew Planners

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Finally, if you’re ready to launch your new crewing software solution, you’ll need to make sure your teams are ready and willing to use it! Here’s how to make sure that your employees adopt your crewing system so that implementation is a success.

Find out more about Martide’s crewing software 

Looking for the best software to help you manage crew and recruit seafarers? Martide can help.

Martide is an end-to-end, cloud-based and custom built maritime recruitment and crew planning software solution that we’ve created from scratch to help small to mid-sized businesses in the shipping industry, including employers, operators, crew managers, recruitment officers and manning agents, run their operations more efficiently.

Our global pool of seafarers consists of ranks of all types and crew of all ages, experience and nationalities. From finding the right candidate for your seafarer job vacancies to tracking them through the recruitment process and then hiring and deploying them, we take care of everything from start to finish.

You can customize our system and just use the parts that are useful for you, we’re based on a sensible subscription fee model, and we only charge for our premium features.

That means that posting your job adverts and hiring seafarers through Martide’s maritime recruitment platform is actually completely free.

And remember all of those features and benefits outlined at the beginning of this blog post? We’ve got you covered with all of those too.

Is it time for you to handle your seafarer recruitment, crew planning and change overs more quickly and more easily? 

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of crewing systems or you’re tired of getting by with outdated software that no longer fits your needs, it’s time to talk to Martide.

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Your next step?

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