How to Write Phone Interview Invitation Emails in Maritime Recruitment

How to Write Phone Interview Invitation Emails in Maritime Recruitment

Eve Jones

If by now you’ve read our article on why you should up the ante on your maritime recruitment email template usage when looking for crew for your jobs at sea, and our posts on writing email templates to introduce yourself to potential candidates and let them know the status of their applications, great!

Now this how to guide explores writing a phone interview invitation email template that invites applicants for seafarer jobs to the next step of the recruitment process.

How to write phone interview invitation emails in maritime recruitment

In the shipping industry it can often be a lot more convenient to interview candidates over the phone or by Skype, given the distances between the shipowner or manning agent and the seafarer.

Therefore, in many instances, phone screening is the first time you make ‘in real life’ contact with your prospective hire.

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It can be tempting to think that you’ve found the perfect candidate on paper: their qualifications and experience match your maritime jobs requirements and their email correspondence is great.

But to get a real feel for them as a person and a potential crew member it’s hard to beat an actual conversation.

However just because your candidate made your shortlist and was thrilled that they’d got to the second stage it doesn’t mean you’ve won them over just yet. This is why you need to still ensure that your email templates are engaging.

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One false move, one poorly worded email that doesn’t show your company in its best light, or a failure to respond to a question from them and you could have lost an awesome recruit.

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Phone interview email invitation templates

The first thing we're going to suggest is that you should send your phone interview email invitation for your vacant seafarer jobs as soon as you decide which of your applicants has made the cut.

If the candidate has as much potential as you think they do, chances are other shipping companies with open jobs at sea are feeling the same way.

Top talent won’t remain on the market for long so strike while the iron is hot and express your interest by inviting them to a conversation as soon as you can.

Writing a phone interview email invitation

  1. In your first paragraph jog the candidate’s memory by letting them know which of your vacant seafarer jobs in the maritime industry they applied for and which shipping company you’re from. Chances are they’ve applied for more than one job and this will save confusion further along the maritime recruitment pipeline!
  2. In the next paragraph, tell them exactly why you’re contacting them - in this case to invite them to a phone interview. Clearly state the time and date - being mindful of any time zone differences between you. Also make it clear whether the interview is to be over the phone, via Skype, or by another method.
  3. Finish by urging them to take action by letting them know the deadline for their reply. This should spur them into action and help you plan ahead.
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Your phone interview for your vacant jobs at sea will go one of two ways: either you’ll be impressed enough to hire the candidate immediately or to invite them to a face-to-face interview - depending on the rank.

Or you will have decided that they’re not suitable for the position.

If they have made it to the next stage, you can either send them your job offer email template or your interview email invitation template. In the event that a candidate didn’t successfully interview over the phone, you’re going to have to send them a rejection email.

Don’t be tempted to just let the matter drop either - as with the rejection email you might be sending out after an unsuccessful job application, letting a candidate know they haven’t been successful is a small courtesy and reflects better on your shipping company’s brand.

How to write rejection emails after a phone interview

  1. In your opening paragraph thank the candidate for taking the time and effort to apply for one of your maritime jobs. However, don’t beat around the bush: tell them that unfortunately on this occasion they have not been chosen to move forward in the selection process.
  2. Your shipping company may or may not have a policy of offering feedback to unsuccessful candidates but if you do wish to write a line or two about why their application was not successful, you can include this in your second paragraph. This makes for a more positive candidate experience and is less likely to burn any bridges with candidates you may feel could be suited for a different role or another of your jobs at sea in the future.
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Next up it’s time to start writing the emails you’re sending to seafaring recruits who you’d like to interview face-to-face. For an in-depth guide on how to do that, take a look at our article about writing interview invitation email templates for the maritime industry.

And don’t forget that for all things related to maritime recruitment, Martide are the company you can rely on. We help you fill your vacant seafarer jobs with qualified seafarers quickly and easily!