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Start Delegating with Martide's Users Function!

Start Delegating with Martide's Users Function!

Eve Jones

As a busy shipowner or manager we’re guessing that delegation is probably a big part of your job. After all, you have enough things to do and you need to rely on your co-workers every now and again! And if you're not delegating, maybe it's time that you started!

Whether you're a firm believer in sharing your workload or you've reached the point where you know you really need to start asking your colleagues or team for help, Martide are here to make the process easier.

That’s why we created the Users function (formerly known as Teammates) - to enhance your applicant tracking system process, make maritime recruitment easier and your job less stressful through working as a team!

silhouette of people rowing a boat together
Users is where you can invite employees and coworkers to create an account with Once they’ve done so, you can add them to a User Group and give them administrative rights to the backend of the platform.

A how to guide for using the Users function

The sooner we explain how to use this feature, the sooner you can begin delegating your candidate and crew management - so let’s get started! First of all, log in to your Martide account.

Click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. You will see a drop down menu: click Settings and then Users:

Page on Martide's maritime recruitment platform showing where to find the Users function under Settings

You’ll then be taken to this page:

Martide web page showing how to add a new employee

This is your applicant tracking system control panel where you can look for existing users in the search bar at the top, as well as add and then invite new users / co-workers to use the platform.

Of course we’ve also allowed you to choose permission levels (Standard and Manager) for anyone you invite, so that you retain ultimate control over your maritime recruitment and crew management processes.

Conveniently, you can also see users who are ‘pending’ - meaning they haven’t yet accepted the invitation to join. If you want, you can remind them you're still waiting by clicking the Resend Invite button next to their name - that will give them a friendly little nudge in their email inbox!

Inviting a new user:

Next: a how to guide to inviting new users. In the image above you’ll see the blue Add button on the top left. Click that and you’ll be taken to the page pictured below.

All you need to do here is to enter the user’s name and email address and click Send Invitation to let them know you want them to join you. Simple!

Page on Martide's website showing how to invite an employee to join the team

Editing an existing user (or your own account)

Things change - we know that and so if you want to add or change any information about a teammate simply return to the main Users page and click Edit next to their (or your) name. You can then:

  1. Upload a profile picture or logo
  2. Edit the first and last names
  3. Edit the email address
  4. Select or change their role to 'Standard' or 'Manager'
  5. Select the vessel(s) they are responsible for  or assigned to

That page looks like this:

Web page on Martide's maritime recruitment platform showing a teammate's profile

And there you have it: a deceptively simple feature that’s really easy to use but will allow you to save time by enabling other trusted members of staff to have access to your maritime recruitment pipelines and applicant tracking system for easier candidate and crew management.

If you’d like to read any more about using the Users feature, here’s a user guide (it's got less words and is more of a step by step guide!) and if you’d like to find out how to then add Users to a User Group, you can learn all about that here.  

Plus, if you offer crew management services to your clients you can find out how to use the Supporters function on this page.

Martide make maritime recruitment easier

We hope you’ve found this blog post and guide to the Users function useful. Our whole aim with Martide is to simplify the lives of our clients and manning agents. That's why we designed and built a crewing system that is an end to end solution for busy small to medium sized shipping companies.

lightbulb on a chalkboard surrounded by lines and circles

We know that maritime recruitment has so many different moving parts and we've used user friendly technology to help synchronize all of those parts. After all, you know as well as we do that there is a whole lot more to hiring and crew management than simply advertising a position, recruiting a crew member and getting them to turn up to a vessel in time to meet their crew change date!

That's where our recruitment, HR and crewing software can help. As you've seen from our Users feature that we covered earlier in this post, we're all about making life easier!

Delegation and collaboration are a huge part of running your shipping company smoothly and once you implement a crewing system such as Martide's you'll be able to ensure that all of your employees are all working from the same page.

woman pointing to post it notes on a wall while coworkers with laptops watch

Read more: What is a Crewing System and Why Does Your Maritime Recruitment Strategy Need One?

And not only will that make life less stressful, it will also mean that your maritime recruitment drive is given a whole new lease of life. No longer will you be scrambling to meet crew change dates and fill those tricky to find ranks at the last minute.

That's because when your systems are more efficient, your people will be able to spend more time concentrating on tasks that actually profit your business. For example growing your candidate database, developing a talent strategy, growing your shipping company's social media presence and working on how to increase your crew retention rates.

Read more: Why Your Shipping Company Needs a Social Media Presence

So, if you're not already a Martide user and you'd like to know more about how our maritime recruitment and crew management system can help you find qualified seafarers, make advertising your vacant jobs at sea easier, streamline interview management and make controlling budgets and wages scales easier, let's chat.

We would be more than happy to schedule a no strings attached demo with you so why not get in touch with us today.

This post was originally published on 10th September 2019 and updated on 4th May 2020.