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A Shipowner's Guide to the User Groups Function

A Shipowner's Guide to the User Groups Function

Eve Jones

We know that shipowners and managers are constantly striving to fill maritime jobs - and it can be hard to keep on top of every applicant that expresses interest in your vacancies. Plus you’re also really busy with a thousand other things which means it would be handy to be able to delegate.

That’s why we created the User Groups function - it lets you add teams and set permissions so you can customize what your designated people can do in the backend of the Martide website.

How to use User Groups to streamline hiring for your maritime jobs

User Groups allow participants to keep track of the hiring process, and email notifications are sent to the relevant people when a candidate reaches different milestones: negotiation, documentation validated, contract signed etc. No more missing important stages of the recruitment process and letting talented seafarers slip through your net.

In this how to guide we’re going to take a look at how to use the User Groups function. You can also find step-by-step instructions to the same topic on our support website for companies in the maritime industry who have a Martide account.

Tip: in order to create User Groups you need to add Users to populate them first. It’s really quick and easy to do this and our step by step guide to Users will tell you exactly how to do that.

To get started log in to your Martide account. Click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. You will see a drop down menu: click Settings. You will then see a number of icons. Click User Groups.

Martide website Settings page showing where the User Groups function is

That will then take you to this page:

Martide maritime recruitment website page showing you how to create a User Group

This is where you can edit and delete current User Groups and also create a new User Group. Read on for a how to guide explaining how to do that:

Creating a new User Group

To create a new User Group click the blue Add button on the top left. You will be taken to this page:

Martide website showing a new User Group page

This is where you can name your group. For example you might want to name it after the open maritime jobs this team/group is dealing with - i.e. Crew Manager or you might want to label it HR Department. Next add your User(s) to the group and then set permissions to give the coworkers you’ve added rights to View, Edit or Delete

That page will look something like this:

Martide maritime recruitment website showing how to set permissions for users

Understanding the Pipeline Approval Boxes

You’ll see in the image above that beneath the group’s Users there are two boxes concerning Pipeline Approval. Slide the buttons on the Pipeline Approval boxes to green to:

  • Add an Approval stage in a Pipeline to allow a member of the User Group to re-check a candidate and approve them so the hiring process can be continued.
  • Override an Approval stage in a Pipeline to let a candidate move to the next stage even if all the required information hasn’t been entered.

Editing and deleting existing User Groups

It’s easy to edit an existing User Group if something has changed either within your shipping company or with one of your maritime jobs. Go to the main User Groups page and find the User Group you want to edit by scrolling down. Click Edit next to the entry you want to amend.

You’ll see a page that’s basically the same as when you created a new entry and this is where you can do everything from changing the User Group’s name, adding or deleting users, turning on or off the Pipeline Approval and Override settings and changing the permissions for that group.

To delete a User Group, go to the main User Group page and click Delete next to the entry you want to remove. You will be shown a warning asking you if you really want to delete the Group. Click OK to delete or Cancel to return to the page.

Tip: the User Group should be selected when you create the Interview Stage or Approval Step in the Recruitment Pipeline.

We hope you’ve found this guide to using User Groups useful. We have a whole range of support guides that aim to explain the different functions in our maritime industry recruitment and crew management platform that we hope will be of help. For example, why not take a look at how to populate your candidate database?

Meanwhile if you'd like to know more about managing your interviews, adding Supporters if you offer crew management services to your clients, or how to attract seafaring candidates  to your open maritime jobs through our mobile app, get in touch with us today.