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As has become somewhat of a tradition here at Martide, at the end of each year we like to take a look back and dive into the statistics to find out which of our blog posts had the most eyes on them! From the ever popular seaman quotes blogs to finding out more about seafarer ranks and jobs at sea, this year’s list includes some old favorites - and some new entries.

Normally we take a look at the top ten employer blog posts and the top ten seafarer blog posts but this year we merged our two blogs so that all the content you need is all in one place.

And so for that reason we decided to compile a bumper list and see which of our posts made the top twenty.

So out of the 110+ posts written by Martide’s past and present content writers, here’s the countdown starting with the twentieth most read post last year.

Martide’s most read blog posts in 2023.

#20 Everything You Need to Know About Electro-Technical Officer Jobs

Have you ever wondered what an Electro-Technical Officer does on a ship? The ETO is one of the newer seafarer ranks and they are responsible for ensuring that all of the electrical and electronic equipment onboard are monitored and maintained to ensure the safe and efficient running of the vessel. 

Click the link above to find out more about what an ETO’s duties and responsibilities are.

#19 Everything You Need to Know About Ordinary Seaman Jobs

We’re continuing our series of posts about jobs at sea with a look at what a budding Ordinary Seaman can expect from a life on the ocean wave. If you’ve ever wondered ‘what is a seafarer’s job’ you’ve come to the right place as we explore this entry level ship job.

Find out all about Ordinary Seaman jobs in the link above.

#18 10 Inspirational Quotes for Seamen About Storms

For this post we thought we’d dive in (excuse the pun) and find some quotes about that one thing that all seafarers and sailors need to keep a very close eye on - namely the weather. And in particular, quotes about storms at sea.

Check out our list of seafarer quotes about storms by clicking the above link.

#17 Everything You Need to Know About Gas Carrier Ships

A gas carrier ship, also known as a gas tanker, LPG/LNG tanker or LPG/LNG carrier is a vessel that has been designed specifically for the purpose of carrying bulk quantities of liquefied petroleum gasses (LPG) or  liquefied natural gasses (LNG) from one destination to another. Want to know more? Click the link!

#16 Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Tankers

A chemical tanker is a type of cargo ship that has been specifically constructed, or adapted, to carry liquid chemicals in bulk. They are the main form of transport when it comes to moving the commodities that provide the world with its energy requirements from point A to point B.

But that’s not all - the link above has more about chemical tankers.

#15 Everything You Need to Know About Cargo & Container Ships

Ever wondered what the difference between a cargo and a container ship is? Ever wanted to know exactly what a cargo ship is and whether or not there are different types of cargo and container ships? You’ve come to the right place! The link above tells all!

#14 Seaman Interview Questions & Answers for Deck Crew Jobs

One thing that can help you ace a seafarer job interview is to be prepared. And a big part of that is knowing what seamen questions and answers you might come up against. Get the insider knowledge in the link to the post above.

#13 Everything You Need to Know About Able Bodied Seaman Jobs

For anyone who likes the thought of being part of the deck crew on a container ship, oil tanker, heavy load carrier or any other type of merchant navy vessel, read the post and see if being an Able Bodied Seaman might be the seafarer’s job for you!

#12 Everything You Need to Know About Fishing Vessels

We all know that a fishing vessel is a boat that is used to catch fish, whether that’s on the sea, a lake or a river. It goes without saying that fishing boats vary in size and complexity, but what you might not know is that they can be broken down into a number of main categories and then subcategories.

Check the link above out to learn more about those categories and subcategories!

#11 What Happens in a Seafarer Medical Examination?

After passing the seafarer application process with flying colors, do you start working immediately? It’s most likely not. Typically, you are handed a list of pre-employment requirements. Depending on the industry and the nature of your work, a pre-employment medical exam is often on the checklist. Find out more about seafarer medicals in the link.

#10 How to Cope When Your Partner Works Away From Home

If you’re the ‘stay at home partner’ in a relationship where one of you is working away from home in jobs at sea, you probably don’t need us to tell you that sometimes it can be hard. Our blog post has some practical tips to help you survive when your significant other is onboard their vessel.

#9 10 of Martide’s Best Seaman Quotes About the Ocean

It seems the maritime world is a source of inspiration for people from all walks of life and whether you’re looking for inspirational quotes for seaman, quotes for seamen in Tagalog, or quotes about seafarers, we hope that this blog post will provide you with some sayings to give you some positive vibes.

Click on the link to read our 10 quotes for seafarers about the sea.

#8 What Are the Different Types of Alarms on Ships?

Coupled with fickle weather, treacherous seas, and a dose of manmade error, life at sea can be challenging and risky. But that's where your ship's emergency signals and alarms can help. They can assist the crew in responding appropriately to a crisis or preventing an issue. Find out more in the link.

#7 Everything You Need to Know About Messman Jobs

In this post we’re looking at one of the entry level ship jobs. Like everyone onboard, this seafarer job has a crucial part to play in the crew, but due to the nature of the work, they are often overlooked. What seafarer job are we looking at? It’s time to find out more about that unsung hero: The Messman.

Find out all about a ship Messman’s duties and responsibilities in the post above.

#6 4 Questions You May be Asked at Seafarer Job Interviews (And How to Answer Them)

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to fifty interviews or if this is your very first time interviewing for your dream seafarer job: the fact is an interview can be a nerve wracking experience. This post has the lowdown on the questions you might be asked in a seafarer job interview and will help you be more prepared to answer them.

#5 Can Passengers Travel on Cargo Ships?

Due to a lack of fleet size, the smaller shipping companies typically use tramp ships for their travels. Their cargo ships occasionally also transport a few passengers. A passenger-cum-freight liner is any ship carrying 12 or more passengers in addition to the cargo. So to answer the question, yes. You can travel on a cargo ship. Fancy giving it a try? Take a look at this blog post to learn more.

#4 What Equipment Can You Find in a Ship's Engine Room?

Arguably, the ship's engine room is the heart of the vessel. But what exactly are the machines and equipment that one can find in a ship's engine room? In this blog post you’ll find out!

#3 Everything You Need to Know About Car Carrier Ships

A car carrier or car carrier ship is a vessel that has been designed for the transportation of either just cars, or a combination of cars, trucks, buses and other wheeled vehicles. Car carriers are a type of RoRo ships - which means Roll-On, Roll-Off, as this is how their cargo is loaded and unloaded.

Want to find out more about car carriers? You know where to click!

#2 Everything You Need to Know About Engine Cadet Jobs

An Engine Cadet on a ship is an apprentice, or trainee, seafarer who is at the very start of his or her career in the maritime industry. They are simultaneously onboard to work and to learn so that they can progress through the various seafarer ranks found in the engine room of a vessel.

Thinking about starting a career at sea and feel like the engine room might be the working environment for you? This blog will help you find out for sure.

And finally, drumroll please, for our number one, most read blog post of the year….

#1 10 of Martide's Favorite Seafarer Quotes

It seems the ocean, ships and boats, sailing, compasses, diving, and even anchors have all lent themselves to some inspirational quotes for seamen - and for anyone who loves the sea and all things nautical. And you can find ten of these quotes for seamen in the link above!

So there we have it. Another year and another blog countdown. From maritime quotes to seafarer job interview tips, to different types of vessels to all about working in different ranks and jobs at sea, we’re grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read our posts.

We wish you all the best for the coming year, meanwhile, why not follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter / X?

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Eve Church

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