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In Martide’s blog for employers (and manning agents!) we’ve talked before about the difficulties associated with finding great seafarers to fill your maritime job vacancies. It’s no secret that maritime recruitment can be a struggle for many small to medium sized shipping companies.

We’ve also discussed the issues around crew retention and explored ways to help increase loyalty among your top seafarers (and shore based employees) so that you’re not constantly scrambling to find suitable candidates to fill your jobs at sea.

Martide make it easier to source and hire seafarers

Being able to retain great seafarers means having a talent pool that is constantly filled with available and qualified seafarer candidates and it can make all the difference between stressing out about not meeting your crew change over dates and...well... having your maritime recruitment process be all plain sailing!

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However, in this blog post we’re going to look at seafarer sourcing from a slightly different perspective and talk you through how using Martide’s maritime recruitment and crew planning Software as a Service solution can help you with your seaman recruitment woes.

First of all, if you want to attract top quality, qualified seafarer candidates to your jobs at sea you will need to make it easy for them to apply.

Clunky application processes aren’t anyone’s idea of fun - least of all a seafarer who needs to apply for a succession of jobs / contracts on a regular basis.

(One way of examining your recruitment process is to take a step back and put yourself in a candidate’s shoes and see how it works from the other point of view.)

Martide’s Career Pages

When you use Martide’s platform, however, you’ll instantly gain access to a streamlined application process that actually motivates seafarers to apply for your vacancies.

Our career pages are simple and easy on the eye, whilst the job descriptions themselves are detailed and define the principal roles and responsibilities of each vacancy. They are also branded with your shipping company’s name and logo.

Not only that but our featured maritime resume listings and applications equip seafarers with the means to provide only the most relevant information. We have improved this process with a specific application that removes unnecessary information while still being in accordance with guidelines.

Seafarer candidates can also easily find the jobs they are looking for - such as your jobs! - by using our built in keyword search feature.

Martide Job Advertising

Job advertising is crucial and we’ll help you get your vacancies in front of more seafarers than ever before.

That’s because through Martide you’ll be given direct access to a global network of manning agents who will advertise open positions directly from the Martide platform.

You can use a branded careers page to showcase your available jobs and work closely with manning agents to reach a worldwide talent pool of seamen and women.

People Search with Martide

Utilize Martide’s user-friendly people search option to find seafarers who have the right skills for the jobs at sea you need to fill.

Our customized keyword search functionality not only enables seafarers to search for relevant vacancies, it also allows you to find candidates based on their skills, experience and location, while the detailed search results make it easier to single out your preferred candidates.

Found seafarers you like the look of? You’ll be able to create your own candidate talent pools of seafarers you are interested in hiring, and access it with just one click of the mouse.

You can separate pools of seafarers based on their skills which will make it far easier to source the right people and also help you to stay organized.

This also makes communicating with candidates easier and you can reach out to them directly through Martide’s easy to use messaging system which also includes message templates that you can pre-write to save time.

We've also created a really handy, time-saving mass messaging broadcast function for reaching out to more than one contact at a time.

And with everything taken care of from job adverts to job advertising to talent pools to candidate messaging, that’s pretty much the whole seafarer sourcing part of your maritime recruitment process taken care of. Quickly, easily and simply and all thanks to Martide!

How else can Martide help your shipping company?

We work with small to medium sized shipowners and managers who are looking for a better way to handle their recruitment needs and plan their crew.

Our Software as a Service integrates seamlessly with existing crew management systems, and HR and recruitment platforms, bringing all different systems and processes together into one cohesive whole.

Once you’ve sourced seafarers, we can help you run all the other aspects of maritime recruitment from setting up and managing interviews to negotiating contracts to managing minimum safe manning levels and salary budgets.

We know that working as a team is crucial if you are to manage all the different facets of maritime recruitment and crew planning so we’ve also made it simple to collaborate with your team by allowing them access to any area of the process.

What should you do next?

If you like what you’ve heard so far and you’re looking for an easier way to drive your recruitment and crew planning processes, there’s really only one thing to do now: contact Martide!

We’d love to tell you more about how we make our clients' lives easier and we’d also be happy to arrange a no-strings attached demo so you can really see how we work.

And don’t forget to tell your crew to download our seafarer job app for iOS or Android from the Apple App Store or from Google Play either!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Eve Church

Eve Church

Eve is Martide's content writer, publishing regular posts on everything from our maritime recruitment and crew planning software to life at sea. Eve has been writing professionally for more than two decades, crafting everything from SEO-focused blog posts and website landing pages to magazine articles and corporate whitepapers.


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