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Martide Make Life Easier with the English Test Function

Martide Make Life Easier with the English Test Function

Eve Jones

The Martide Development Team have made a few changes to the English Test function recently. This aims to make life easier for both shipowners and managers, and the seafarers themselves. We thought we’d take a quick look at using the English Test for employers, and hopefully introduce you to a couple of its features that you might not have known previously existed!

Life is easier with Martide's English Test for seafarers

First of all, we’re sure you know that to take a look at a seafarer’s employment history, you need to click on the Candidates Page. Doing so will give you access to all the information you need to know about a seafarer who has applied to one of your vacant maritime jobs. You can see the Candidates Page here:

The Candidates page as seen when logged in as an employer on Martide

Of course being able to understand and communicate in English is crucial for seafarers which is why we’ve made it easier for shipowners and managers to quickly see which of their candidates have an aptitude in the language and are therefore suitable for moving on to the next stage in the maritime recruitment pipeline.

When you’re in the Candidates Page you will see a list of all of your applicants. Click on a seafarer’s name to be able to see all relevant information about them including their personal and contact details, physical specs, education, employment history and documentation.

You will also be able to see if they have taken an English Test, and if so their results and the relevant certificates or documents. As an employer, you are able to edit this section.

You’ll find the English Test section on the right hand side of a candidate’s profile under their documentation and just above their visas. Click on the plus sign (+) next to English Test and the screen will open up into a box like this:

Page showing how to upload a document in Martide's website

Here you can manage your candidate’s English Test results by:

  1. Entering the number of points they scored in their test into the first box
  2. Uploading or dragging and dropping any relevant documentation

This candidate did well and passed all of the questions in the English Test - you can see the radio (sliding) button is showing green which means it has been set to No Failed Questions.

If however, there were any questions that the candidate answered incorrectly, you can also upload proof of this. To do so, set the button back to the left. The green will disappear and you’ll see the Failed Answers section:

Page in Martide showing employers where to upload test results for seafarers

Here you can also upload or drag and drop proof of the incorrect answers that your candidate gave when taking the test. Click Save when you’re done.

New feature alert

As we mentioned, the Development Team have been working on the English Test’s functionalities and they’ve made it so that you can now save time by uploading as many  English Test results for each candidate as you want. Previously this was more time consuming as you had to do them individually, so we hope you find this feature useful!

More handy features

We’ve also made it so that you can choose to allow candidates of specified nationalities skip the English Test in the maritime Recruitment Pipeline by adding those nationalities to an Exception List. To do this, click on  your profile picture in the top right hand corner of the screen.

You’ll see a drop down menu: click Settings and then English Test:

Page on showing where to find the English Test feature on the website

You can add as many nationalities as you like to this list. When candidates of that nationality apply for one of your vacancies, they won’t see the English Test stage. This saves both you and the seafarer time and means that you don’t have unnecessary stages cluttering up your Recruitment Pipeline.

Page on Martide showing how to exempt seafarers some countries from having to take an English test

We hope you’ve found this short post about using the English Test function useful but as always, if you have any questions about any of our platform or website’s features and functions, you’re always more than welcome to ask your Key Account Manager or contact us directly by email at [email protected]