21 Maritime Quotes About Diving

Apr 11, 2023 · 8 mins read ·

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If you’re looking for seafarers quotes and in particular quotes about diving, you’ve come to the right blog post! At Martide we love a good maritime quote and we’ve already covered plenty of inspirational quotes by people famous and not so well known in our blogs.

From quotes about compasses to motivational quotes for seamen and from quotes about storms to quotes about rowing, we’ve got ocean quotes and nautical sayings well and truly covered!

We even have a blog post dedicated to inspiring quotes for seafarers in Tagalog!

But for now let’s dive into (pun most definitely intended!) some of our favorite quotes about diving.

We’ve also included some links that you can follow to find out more about the people who said them or find the works that the quotes came from.

Our top 21 quotes about diving

1. “Diving is a leap of faith plus gravity.” - Gabrielle Zevin - Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

2. “75% of the Earth is water. Divers live on a much bigger planet.” - Unknown Author

3. “Well... I love moving in extra dimensions. Not just backwards and forwards, but up and down and around. And fins. I love swimming with fins - human feet are practically useless underwater. I love all the unique things you see on each dive. Millions of little aquatic soap operas playing out between all the creatures. And the silence. Well, it’s not really silent down there, but the roar of bubbles blocks any other sound...” - Kirsten Hubbard - Wanderlove

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4. “Scuba diving shows the human mind what it is truly like to move around in a fully 3-dimensional world. A world that once your head sinks below the surface the thoughts of society vanish and tranquility begins.” - Matthew Schade

5. “Something, most certainly, happens to a diver’s emotions underwater. " - Barry Lopez - About This Life

6. “No matter how much you travel, if you don’t dive, you cannot say you’ve seen the world.” - Unknown Author

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7. “I can mention many moments that were unforgettable and revelatory. But the most single revelatory three minutes was the first time I put on scuba gear and dived on a coral reef. It’s just the unbelievable fact that you can move in three dimensions.” - Sir David Attenborough

8. “Underwater I hear the water coming to my body, I hear the sunlight penetrating the water.” - James Nestor - Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves

9. “What all divers should remember is that scuba diving is a fun exploration of life. When you dive, don’t take yourself so seriously. Loosen up and relax. The point of scuba diving is not to focus on yourself; it’s to focus on the beauty of the underwater world. There’s nothing to accomplish on dives.” – Vanessa Vitri

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1o. “For most people, this is as close to being an astronaut, as you’ll ever get. It’s leaving planet Earth behind and entering an alien world.” - Mary Frances Emmons

11. “Did you see the octopus?” Someone shouted after the dive. Yes, I thought, but who among us knows what it was doing? What else was THERE, just then? WHY?” - Barry Lopez - About This Life

12. “Don’t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you.”  – Rumi

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13. “Your worst day stuck on the surface wishing you could get underwater is better than your best day stuck underwater wishing you could get on the surface.” - Unknown Author

14. “Diving, I floated amid an entirely new ecosystem filled with creatures and vegetation that seemed to beckon me in. The responsibilities and worries of my life couldn’t penetrate the gleaming waters, offering me a weightlessness in both body and spirit.” - Jean-Philippe Soule - I, Tarzan: Against All Odds

15. “Everyone loves to fly and flying underwater is better than flying in air because there are things around you.” - Graham Hawkes

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16. “Taking your first breath underwater is an incredible experience. You’ve been breathing your whole life, it’s the definition of second nature, but all of a sudden the whole game has changed. It’s something that you’ve never focused on but now it won’t escape your mind.” – Natalie Lavery

17. “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” - Jacques Cousteau

18. “Every time you dive, you hope you’ll see something new – some new species. Sometimes the ocean gives you a gift, sometimes it doesn’t.” - James Cameron

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19. “Being underwater reminds me of the beauty in life’s simplicity. The sea pulses with life. It exudes it, breathes it; a constant reminder that everything is liquid.” – Timi Waters

20. “I actually love diving at night; you see a lot of fish then that you don’t see in the daytime.” – Sylvia Earle

21. “It isn’t always the treasure that drives men down deep into the sea; it’s something else, something unexplainable, even to them.” – Jennifer Arnett

Are You looking for more quotes for seamen?

We’ve got plenty more of our favorite seaman quotes for you if you’re looking for more inspirational quotes or motivational sayings.  

From quotes about storms at sea to quotes about the oceanquotes about anchors and even funny quotes about sailing and the sea, we’ve got plenty more fascinating sayings for you to dive into. (Sorry - we couldn’t resist that one!)

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