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Strategies for Dealing with a Skills Shortage in Maritime Recruitment

Strategies for Dealing with a Skills Shortage in Maritime Recruitment

Eve Jones

Now more than ever, maritime recruitment and the shipping industry is at crisis point. Shipping companies are struggling to retain existing crew members and are facing issues when it comes to attracting new recruits to fill their vacant seafarer jobs. In fact a recent report by BIMCO/ICS Manpower found that, globally, by 2025 the industry will be lacking approximately 150,000 officers.

How to deal with a skills shortage in maritime recruitment

So what are some of the steps that, as an industry, we can take to promote seafaring as a career and promote seafarer jobs?

Clearly the need to attract and retain seafarers is a huge issue and one we all need to step up to if you as a ship owner or manager are to overcome your maritime recruitment headaches within the next few years.

Martide: specialists in maritime recruitment

As a company that works in maritime recruitment, Martide understands that the perception of a career in shipping can suffer from a lack of understanding. A recruitment website can no longer be ‘good enough’: it’s not about fulfilling quotas and hiring just anybody to fill all those open seafarer jobs.

smartphones showing Martide's marine recruitment app for seafarers

We are in a unique position as we work with both shipping companies and candidates, giving us a 360 degree perspective into every aspect of recruitment.

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Ship owners and managers want talented individuals who have the right skills and mindsets to crew a ship, while seafarers themselves need to know that their needs, well-being and safety are given paramount importance.

That’s why we advocate for transparency when recruiting seafarers. Anyone with half a mind to enter the maritime industry will have at least some idea of the potential difficulties that crewing a ship can entail. They may even have a false perception of what a seafarers life on board might be like.

That’s why new candidates need to be reassured that the organization they’re considering applying for seafarer jobs with has safety procedures in place and that working conditions meet international standards. They need to know that ships are not ‘dangerous’ but are fully functioning workplaces.

And like any working environment, a vessel will come with its own set of, albeit unique, challenges which are dealt with through processes, regulations and good old fashioned teamwork!

silhouette of five people standing on rocks with their arms aloft

Finding the right crew is crucial

At Martide we know that shipping companies have very specific needs when it comes to finding and hiring the right personnel for the myriad of seafarer jobs on board a ship. That’s why we’ve created our custom made solution for ship owners and ship managers that enables you to crew your vessels.

Not only that but our software platform is fully integrated and works seamlessly with all known legacy recruitment and crewing systems that ship operators may already have in place.

Martide’s software is a cloud-based solution - giving it unparalleled anytime, anywhere access and top notch security.

Being in the cloud also means that any new, or existing, manning agents software, web-based marine recruitment tools, social media platforms, travel and flight data, and HR and crewing systems can be linked together to provide one fully functioning network that simplifies administration and people management for busy shipping operators.

person holding piece of card with a cloud shape cut out in front of an actual cloud in the sky

A software solution for the maritime industry

We work with candidates too - helping everyone from cadets to able seaman and from cooks to engineers find seafarer jobs that suit them perfectly. At Martide we believe that crew members are so much more than just a body filling a role. That’s why we’ve created a software solution for the maritime industry that takes every facet of recruitment and crew management into account.

So, whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to crew your ship and manage your people, or are seeking a new job opportunity, talk to Martide today: we know that a maritime recruitment website for today’s shipping operators and seafarers needs to be so much more than merely ‘good enough’.