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Feb 10, 2022 · 5 mins read ·

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At Martide we’re always looking for people of all ages, nationalities and experience to fill our clients’ seafarer jobs. We’re currently seeking a wide range of ranks for a number of positions on different vessel types.

If you’re looking for your next contract at sea and are interested in any of our oil tanker, passenger ship, chemical tanker, bulk carrier, heavy load carrier, container feeder, general cargo ship or container ship jobs, check out the list below and you can see who we’re currently looking for.

The good news is that a large number of these positions don’t embark immediately or even in the next few weeks, so if you’re currently onboard, or want to wait a couple of weeks or months before taking up your new contract, that’s not a problem.

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Apply anyway and we’ll be happy to pass your application on to our employers or manning agents for their consideration.

Martide's latest seafarer jobs: apply now!

The majority of these contracts are for four months although a few of them are two or six month contracts.

We are currently looking for the following:

Master jobs

  • Master - bulk carrier - 4 months
  • Master - heavy load carrier - 4 months

Chief Officer jobs

  • Chief Officer - bulk carrier - 4 months
  • Chief Officer - heavy load carrier - 4 months
  • Chief Officer - oil tanker - 4 months

Second Officer jobs

  • Second Officer - container ship - 4 months

Third Officer jobs

  • Third Officer - container ship - 6 months
  • Third Officer - container ship - 4 months

Chief Engineer jobs

  • Chief Engineer - chemical tanker - 4 months
  • Chief Engineer - container ship - 4 months
  • Chief Engineer - general cargo ship - 4 months
  • Chief Engineer - bulk carrier - 4 months

Second Engineer jobs

  • Second Engineer - container ship - 4 months - start date April 1st 2022
  • Second Engineer - container ship - 4 months
  • Second Engineer - container ship - 6 months
  • Second Engineer - bulk carrier - 4 months
  • Second Engineer - chemical tanker - 4 months

Third Engineer jobs

  • Third Engineer - passenger ship - 4 months

Fourth Engineer jobs

  • Fourth Engineer - oil tanker - 6 months

Engine Cadet jobs

  • Engine Cadet - container ship - 6 months

Marine Electrician jobs

  • Electrician - heavy load carrier - 4 months
  • Electrician - container ship - 4 months
  • Electrician - passenger ship - 4 months

Marine Electrical Engineer jobs

  • Electrical Engineer - container ship - 4 months

Ship Fitter jobs

  • Fitter - container ship - 6 months
  • Fitter - container feeder - 2 months
A bulk carrier with a backdrop of mountains

How to apply for any of Martide’s seafarer jobs

Applying for any of our bulk carrier, container feeder, heavy load carrier, oil tanker, chemical tanker, passenger ship, container ship, and general cargo ship jobs is easy.

Plus it's always free - and that's whether you're looking for Master jobs, Chief Officer jobs, Second Officer jobs, Third Officer jobs, Chief Engineer jobs, Second Engineer jobs, Third Engineer jobs, Fourth Engineer jobs, Engine Cadet jobs, Marine Electrician jobs, Marine Electrical Engineer jobs of Ship Fitter jobs.

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Just create an account with Martide, fill in your seafarer profile so that employers and manning agents can see all of your details, documents and work experience and then apply for whichever of the above jobs on a ship you are interested in.

What to do next

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We look forward to seeing you onboard soon!

Eve Church

Eve Church

Eve is Martide's content writer and publishes regular posts on everything from our maritime recruitment and crew planning software to life at sea.


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