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Everything You Need to Know About Chief Marine Engineer Jobs

Everything You Need to Know About Chief Marine Engineer Jobs

Eve Jones

An insider look into being a chief marine engineer is one in a series of blog posts in which Martide takes a look at just some of the many maritime jobs and hot vacancies for seamen in the industry. So if you’re interested in researching different careers in shipping and are wondering how to become a chief or second engineer, carry on reading and hopefully we will be able to give you some insight!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in how to become a junior electrician or want to know more about ship fitter jobs, you might want to check out some of the other articles in this series.

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What are chief marine engineer jobs: the basics

A chief marine engineer is the head of a vessel’s technical department and operations. Their overall function is to make sure that all of the machinery in the engine room is in good working order to facilitate a problem-free voyage. Marine chief engineer jobs also include responsibility for a ship’s overall technical operations including the electrical, mechanical and engineering departments.

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The chief engineer on a ship is a prominent and high ranking member of the crew. On some vessels they even share equal rank with the master or captain with duties for the two roles often being divided between them. If the master is incapacitated in any way during a voyage, the chief marine engineer assumes responsibility.

Marine chief engineer jobs: duties

A career in marine engineering is a rewarding one and the life of a chief engineer is a busy one. As well as the overall responsibilities as laid out above, chief marine engineer jobs also include determining the quantities of fuel, oil and lube needed for a voyage and then ensuring those amounts are on board. They are also responsible for maintaining standards in the engine room and bearing accountability if those standards are not met in the event of an inspection by authorities such as the coastal guard.

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Other duties included in a marine engineering job description will include tasks such as maintaining and repairing the electrical and mechanical systems found on the vessel, performing audits and analysis, maintaining the ship’s inventory and voyage logs, performing navigational calculations, and operating mechanical equipment.

The difference between chief engineer jobs and second engineer jobs

Reporting directly to the chief engineer, second engineer jobs involve assisting the CE in managing the engine room with an eye on efficiency and safety. They supervise the daily maintenance and operation of the engine department and should the chief engineer be unable to perform their duties, the second engineer will step into their place.

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Chief marine engineer jobs: skills

As well as an obvious aptitude for electrical and mechanical marine engineering, both marine chief engineer jobs and second engineer jobs require people management, cooperation and communication skills. They should be organized, efficient and be able to work effectively under pressure. And as with the vast majority of jobs in the maritime industry, a decent level of working English is also necessary.

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How to find chief marine engineer jobs

To work in marine engineering you should be educated to degree level and hold certifications and qualifications that are relevant both to the maritime industry and the role.

After that, and if you’re convinced you have the right traits to become a chief engineer, you can start applying for chief engineer or second engineer jobs. You could do this by contacting shipping companies directly or by going through a marine recruitment agency such as Martide.

Find hot vacancies for seamen with Martide

Finding your next maritime jobs with Martide is easy. We’re almost always recruiting for vacant marine chief engineer jobs and second engineer jobs. If you hold the right qualifications and are looking for your next contract in the maritime industry, we want to hear from you.

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Mariners who already have a Martide account can log in and start applying for our vacant maritime jobs right away. If you haven’t yet registered, do it for free now and start creating your user profile.

Did you know, you can also apply for any of our hot vacancies for seamen, including chief engineer and second engineer jobs via our free mobile app? Download now it for Android devices from Google Play and from the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads.  

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