At Martide we differentiate between two different groups of Manning agents:

Existing Manning Network

The Existing Manning Network consists of agents that join Martide as requested by our shipowner clients. In this scenario only your dedicated shipowners/managers can see your manning agency as a crew provider.

Approved Partner Network

The Approved Partner Network consist of agents that have been audited and certified by Martide. If we have been able to place seafarers through your agency and the client feedback is positive, we may invite you to join the APN.

After joining our APN, your manning agency is actively promoted on our website as well as by our Sales Reps - for free. When one of your vacancies is posted on our website, you can request to be notified.


For advice for manning agents about logging in and getting started on Martide, please take a look at this page.

We hope this gives you some insight into the Existing and Approved Network and thank you for using Martide!