As a manning agent you can send messages and respond to the employers / clients you work with, as well as any of the seafarers in Martide’s system, using our in-built messaging feature.

How to use the Message Inbox

Log in to your Martide account. Scroll down and click on Messages in the menu on the left hand side. You will be taken to your inbox - it looks like this:

Screenshot of a manning agent's inbox

You’ll see your messages and a number of icons in the column to the left of the messages. This is how your messages are stored and organized in the system:

screenshot showing the icons

Here's what the icons mean:

  • The + plus sign: Click this to open and write a new message.
  • The document tray: This is the default view as seen above - you will see all the messages in your inbox.
  • The storage box: Click this to see your archived messages.
  • The clock: Click this to see messages you have 'snoozed' to deal with later.
  • The circle and checkmark: Click this to see your sent messages.
  • The document: Click this to see your draft messages.
  • The trash can: Click this to see your deleted messages.

You can also click the arrows at the bottom of the screen to expand the icon column and see descriptions of what the icons are:

screenshot showing expanded column and arrows.

Understanding your messages

When you click on a message in the left hand column you will see this:

screenshot showing an open message thread

How to use this page:

  • The message you are looking at is highlighted in blue on the left.
  • In the middle column is the message thread of emails you have sent and received.
  • Above the middle column are icons to archive, snooze, tag or delete the message thread. Click the icon to take the relevant action. We will explain tags below.
  • Below the middle column is the Reply button. Click this to write a new message in this thread.
  • The column on the right shows the person you are talking to. In our example it is a seafarer candidate called Andrejs Semberko.
  • Click on the candidate's name to go to their seafarer profile.
  • You can see Andrejs' User info under his profile picture. If you click on Work history you will see who created his profile, who the manning agent is and his last 5 positions.

How to add a tag to a message

Tags help you organize your inbox. When you have a message thread open, click the tag icon at the top of the page:

screenshot highlighting the tag icon

Here you can:

  • Add a new tag by clicking on +New tag.
  • Choose a tag that you have already created - in our example we have 1 existing tag: Contracts.

Now we're going to add a new tag:

screenshot showing the new tags box
  • Type the name of your tag into the box. Our new tag is called Documents Pending.
  • Choose a color for that tag. We have chosen green.
  • Click Save when you're done.
screenshot showing the new tag

Your tag will now appear in the icons column:

screenshot showing the tags in the icons column.

When you add a tag to an email thread it will also appear in the email preview and at the top of the middle column next to the other icons:

screenshot showing the tags in a message preview and in thread

We hope you've found this guide to your inbox helpful. For more advice for manning agents including getting started on Martide, please take a look at this page.