What are User Groups?

The User Groups function lets you delegate by adding teams and setting permissions so you can customize what your people can do in the back-end of the Martide website.

Note that the User Group should be selected when you create the Interview Stage or Approval Step in a Recruitment Pipeline.

To get started log in to your Martide account. Click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. You will see a drop down menu: click Settings. You will now see a number of icons. Click User Groups.

screenshot of Martide website showing how to access user groups

You will then see a page that looks something like this (your page will be empty if you haven't created any User Groups yet but you can see from our example we already have 3 groups):

screenshot of Martide website showing user groups page

Here you can:

  • Edit and delete current User Groups.
  • Create a new User Group.

How to create a new User Group

To create a new User Group click the blue Add button on the top left. You will be taken to this page:

screenshot of Martide website showing where to create a new user group

Here you can:

  • Name your user group, for example Human Resources
  • Add Users - i.e. your teammate(s) to the group.
  • Select if you want the group to be able to approve or override pipelines. (Explained in more detail below.)
  • Set permissions for the group to give them the rights to View, Edit or Delete Martide's features and functions. Check the box beside each function to add rights:
screenshot of the Martide website showing the check boxes

Click Save when you're done. The new User Group will appear on the main page:

screenshot of Martide website showing the new user group on the main page

Understanding the Pipeline Approval buttons

Slide the buttons on the Pipeline Approval sections to:

  • Add an Approval stage in a Pipeline to allow a member of the User Group to re-check a candidate and approve them so to continue the hiring process.
  • Override an Approval stage in a Pipeline to let a candidate move to the next stage even if all the required information hasn’t been entered.

How to edit a User Group

On the main User Groups page find the User Group you want to edit by scrolling down the page. Click Edit next to the entry you want to change:

screenshot of Martide website showing where to edit or delete a user group

The next page you'll see is basically the same page as when you created a new entry. There you can:

  • Change the User Group’s name.
  • Add or delete users.
  • Use the sliding green button to turn off / on the Pipeline Approval and Override settings.
  • Change the permissions for that group.
  • Click the blue Save button when you’re done.

How to delete a User Group

To delete a User Group that’s already in the system, on the main User Group page click Delete next to the entry you want to remove (see image above.) You will be shown a warning asking you if you really want to delete the Group. Click OK to delete or Cancel to return to the page.

We hope you’ve found this guide to using User Groups useful but if you need any other help, please don't hesitate to contact us here.